June 1, 2020 Pokemon Go Server Maintenance

Not sure if this server maintenance on June 1, 2020 deserves a topic.

I suppose I just wonder what server maintenance means exactly and will it fix the problems that are occurring with the game.

For me the main problem is the app is crashing or freezing while I am playing. I am not sure if anything can be fixed in terms of resolving my nightmares with lag and GBL. And lastly while server maintenance is occurring, can Ninatic support staff learn how to actually provide support and resolve issues, at the very least support can actually create youtube videos to troubleshoot when poop comes up with Pokemon Go.

It’s a new event

Let’s just hope they fix as much as possible. Starting off with that frequent app crashing. That not only influences PvP but the whole gameplay

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It probably won’t fix any, but will create a few new ones for us to enjoy

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Hopefully some that players can exploit. Imagine if purchases from the shop added coins instead of subtracting them. Or regular TMs became Elite. Or powering up cost 0 dust and 0 candy. Or…

Jokes aside, the last time they had such a long downtime was the migration to the new gym system and the test run of new coin earning methods makes me think another overhaul is coming.

Get ready to earn less daily coins lol