Just a build

Hey y’all. I have been playing for a few years. More recently I have finally gotten some builds that I am really happy with. Specifically, Rebecca that FINALLY got a refine.

Anyway just thought I would share and would love to hear your thoughts.

  1. Rebecca

    Originally, she had guard bow, which worked well. Her refine has also performed well though. Waiting for a +Spd IV still, but she’s almost done.

Well, there she is. Let me know your toughts!


Switch Darting Blow to Swift Sparrow asap


She seems very reliant on Moonbow. If she attacks but fails to actually kill, then she might die. But she’ll reach, what, 39 defense with a defense buff and her bow?

But take into account QR or Vengeful Fighter…

Also, doesn’t her bow have a Slaying effect? Is it worth it to run a 1CD Special with a Spiral build? Especially with Flashing Blade?


At least use Luna with this build.
Sparrow 2 would also be an improvement over Darting.

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With special spiral Luna, might as well go with Death Blow over Darting and have better odds of OHKOs. And merge into a +atk.


Welcome to GP! Unfortunately I can’t really give you any help here I don’t have any good archers

Updated build. I’m f2p so I’m limited in some ways but I had a swift sparrow around. :slight_smile:

Luna is definitely working better. Also, I don’t have a defense refine because her prf refine gives her +4 to all stats.


Nice build ! Her weapon refine really breathed some life into her :flushed:
Only problem I can see is her taking a bit to much damage if initiating on DC users or high atk mages since Luna might not be enough to ohko them (but you probably have that covered with team comp.)


It’s getting better. Flashing blade is still debatable tho. Luna has 2CD at the start of the map, so in a normal scenario one attack puts it to 1, enemy retaliation puts it to 0 and Becca’s follow-up triggers Luna. After that, special spiral will do the rest. You can give her a different seal that improves her stats or has some other functionality thanks to this.


Updated build

Finally got a +Spd. I’m still considering the flashing blade for enemies that can’t retaliate, since otherwise the Luna relies on counterattack to initially activate. Other than that, I’m pretty happy with her.