Just a little Hello

Hello everyone. I am very new to this community and am Pokemon Go since Luminous Legends X event in 2021.

I am highly PvP oriented player because of my choice and lack of POIs around my location.

I had crossed Ace rank every season, with exception of my debut season :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: .

Some General info about me :

Looking forward to nice discussions and info over here.


Welcome to the community, I’m kinda new here as well. I’m here to get all kinds of info on Shadow Pokémon, my one and only obsession in this game XD


Welcome to you as well.

Shadows Pokemon are good as much I had heard, but it is very hard to power them up.

And I am a budget player, whose method is to keep the mix of Meta, anti-Meta and UU Pokemon for some surprises in battles.


I don’t particularly follow the meta tbh, I just really like Shadow Pokémon :rofl:

But yes, they are super expensive! :sweat_drops:

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If my Pokemon are in the Meta List, then they are Meta, and if they can counter meta, then they are anti–Meta ! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Only Shadow which I have is Shadow Machamp, and that is for Great League.

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Still waiting for the Shadow Togekiss. Hopefully one day

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Shadow Giratina( with Shadow Force ).

Go Tour: Sinnoh.

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Hmmmm, Niantic will probably do Shadow Regis, Kyogre, Groudon, or Rayquaza first :thinking:

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Yep, the pace would need to pick up massively for us to see shadow legendaries in line with the relevant Go Tour.

We’re approaching 3 years since Sh.Moltres first made an appearance, but only 2 and a bit generations are released.

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I’d just like another Premier Master League Shadow to counter Togekiss, preferably one that can reach 3.5k+ without XL candies :sweat:

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