Just a Poll to manage my compulsive orbs spending

Hi there!
This new banner, as we can see, is full of useful skills. But the orbs are limited and there’s stuff i’d like to have, so… Why don’t ask advice here? Let’s hear what you have to say about this:

So… Which banner should i go for?

  • Go for Igrene’s skills!
  • Save for Picnic Flora!
  • Save for Hel’s release!
  • Forget them all and save.

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Igrene’s skills are a dream for my Super Duper Spiral Pouch build (i just need to find a dagger unit with decent attack and that i like)
Picnic Flora is the most adorable armor unit and one of the few armors i like, she gets this rare privilege. And she also comes with armor march if i remember well, so she can help the other 2 armor units i like, Eliwood and Cecilia.
Hel is a character i insta-liked and would be great to summon, also she will likely come with powerful skills.


Which do you want most? :feh_legion:

Igrene is bait. Whenever you want a red unit, especially for fodder, the game really likes giving you the middle finger and ya get pity broken like you just won the lottery on pity breaks. 3 rare skills on a single unit that’s red? Too low of odds to risk that.

I refuse to summon on that, and I think there’s going to be a lot of disappointment in the forums when she comes out.


It’s really hard to say, that’s why i choose to ask help lmao

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More on a serious note though, should you try and go for Igrene, know that your odds are low and you shouldn’t expect to get her immediately unless you’re very lucky. If you’re going for Flora just for the character, then that’s not too bad, otherwise for skills like AM you could get them on other units. Hel would probably be a safe bet and nice goal to wait for.

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Out of these three options, i’d say to save for Flora. We never know when she’ll return on an 8% banner so the Picnic banner re-run is your best chance of getting her (even if she appears at the end of this month, the Picnic banner is still better).

If she does appear at the end of this month and Hel is also this month’s mythic hero, then i think you know what you have to do.

Also keep in mind that Igrene is the third unit with Special Spiral, meaning that a “Heroes with Special Spiral” banner could show up in the near future (though she will be sharing with Keaton there).


They all will end up in Mythic/Legendary banners so you might save your orbs till then, you will get them later, but you’ll end up with L/M heroes and no pitty breakers, so i do think it’s best to save for one banner than to split on 2 or 3, feh will give you every 5* unit you want eventually , all you need to do is wat for fitting moment to get it.

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Mmmh true…
I think i’ll better skip this banner then… They will return, they’re normal heroes afterall.

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Honestly no one can say what you should do, but I personally prefer to spend my orbs for unit I love and spend in very rare cases for fodder.

I try to keep this in mind on every new Heroes banner, but I am weak of will :feh_elisad: