Just a reminder to please be civil

In Pokemon GO, there are three Teams: Team Mystic, Team Instinct, and Team Valor. All of the leaders get along with each other and they are basically, friendly competitors.

There are gyms in Pokemon GO. How they work is that:

  • A gym’s color is what Team that gym is on. For example, if the gym is blue, then it is on Team Mystic.
  • Up to 6 Pokemon can be deposited into a gym.
  • To deposit a Pokemon at the gym, you have to be on the same Team as the gym is. Then, select the “add” icon and deposit the Pokemon you want to be at that gym.
  • Fainted Pokemon, injured Pokemon, Legendary and Mythic Pokemon cannot be deposited into a gym.
  • That Pokemon will defend that gym, until it is knocked out by an opposing team member.
  • The time it spends at the gym is based on that Pokemon’s CP (Combat Power). Once it reaches 0, that Pokemon is knocked out and put back into your party. You are rewarded with Pokecoins, based on how long that Pokemon was deposited there for.
  • You can’t power up Pokemon that are still at the gym.
  • If a gym is completely defeated, it’ll turn white/gray and any team can claim that gym.

That being said, WTH!?

Keep in mind that gyms will always be taken over by other teams. This is only a game that is meant to be friendly and played with friends. If your Pokemon gets knocked out of a gym, it’s not the end of the world. There are tons of gyms for it to be redeposit in. Also:

KNOCKING POKEMON OUT OF GYMS IS PART OF PLAYING POKEMON GO! Just because your friend knocks your Pokemon out of a gym, it doesn’t make them a bad person. They’re just playing the game like how it’s supposed to be played.

Just don’t do this, please.


I’ve always found it extremely comical that people “fight” over parts of the game associated with a team color. With respect to the hardcore fans of the shows and games, the vast majority of us just picked a team based on the color we liked most. To treat each other poorly based on something so trivial is sad/hilarious. I’ve seen Raid Hours break down into a pathetic parody of gang warfare lol.

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Lol, this is pretty natural if the only way you program your game to gamers to be able to earn in game currency is to massacre each other and protect an structure for at least 8 hours(not the part when you fight each others on real life, the part when there are no friends when taking a gym to earn coins, and to a lesser extent for earn more balls when taking down a raid).

The fun part is to see the different kinds of strategies use to achieve victory: There are the spoffers who can move from gym to gym pretty fast, the multiaccounters who can take them in record timed, but the most despicable and interesting bunch are the Communities, who is people who put schedules to take on gyms, and pretend they respect each others but in reality, like a heriarchy, the higher ups have priority of gyms, and anyone outside the community doesn’t deserve a coin from the gyms on their territory.

At the end it seems that more people have fun taking others out of gym, that taking the gym itself, but let’s not forget that knocking pkm out of gyms is part of playing pkm go!

Given the ridiculously low value of these 50 (or now 30) pokecoins it must rather have something to do with honour or similar…

In fact, Team Mystic, Valor and Instinct do not exist in the console games or anime. Only Team Rocket came from the main series.

There will always be idiots who get far too angry about trivial things. I posted an opinion about not purifying shadows, not offensive or controversial - it was all about the pros and cons of purifying shadows, on a facebook page and another poster laid into me for no reason. I didn’t respond to him once. A moderator deleted his comments from the thread and so he took to direct messaging me telling me to answer his messages and that he was going to beat me up. Again, I didn’t respond once but he kept going.

Seriously, he felt that strongly about purifying pokemon that he wanted me to fly from the UK to Australia so we could have a fight. He continued to have an argument with himself in my junk messages for about 24 hours.

In short, people can be dicks, most aren’t, but some are and you can’t legislate for it, just hope you don’t cross paths with them.

At the end of the day, it is a game. Play it how you want. If other people take offence, that it their problem. Just surround yourself with good people not like that :slight_smile:

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This sums it up, exactly.

Plus, if a friend knocks your Pokemon out of the gym, DON’T BEAT THEM UP, PHYSICALLY!! Instead, congratulate them

Sometimes you want your Pokemon to be knocked out and it takes like a week for someone to come along and take out the gym. Sometimes people can be annoying and take out your Pokemon literally 1 minute after you placed your Pokemon in a gym. The only thing I would want to be assaulting is the Pokemon that’s in the gym, and that’s if I’m in a bad mood. So yeah, everyone stay civil. It’s just a game, there’s no reason to assault your friend for doing something slightly annoying in the game.

I’m actually an Instinct, even though my favorite color is blue, funnily enough. Makes my second favorite color bright yellow :3

Its remind me times, when my Mystic Friends Fighting Valor group of 4, whos knocking everyone one hour or less before midnight from all gyms in our arrea( they had car to do this fast). This is one thing, i hate the most, when few mins before you can get full coins, they kicking your all gyms, just because they are assholes, Almost everyday doing this,and we finally grouped together with 2 cars, cleared them after they cleared us and even cleared they home arrea( deserve it!) And we even after that parked of their both sides of their car( they trying retake one gym) and just all smiled broadly, then we back to home. After that, they never did this again. It was like 2 years ago.

And some of my Mystic friends, become real friends :)

Speaking of gyms, this is kinda unrelated, but isnt the Pokemon Go raid battle music the absolute best? Its actually my favorite theme. Cynthia’s theme is a close second and Zinnia’s theme is a close third.

I’ve never heard it. I usually play with the volume down.

Search it up then. Its sick.

In places where gyms are heavily defended by GRBs and attacked by players who can apparently just sit there with their charger and batter the gym until it is down, this can be a little frustrating. Of course it is never a good idea to attack someone IRL like that just because they took your gym.

I just think it’s dumb/crazy that a Senior citizen did this.

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Japan keeps it real

I think of the gyms as an ecosystem. In any healthy ecosystem, there’s diversity and change.

Further, there’s a 50 coin cap on the gym. So once your pokemon has been in the gym for 8 hours and 20 minutes, they hit that cap. After that, they are working unpaid overtime. So someone knocking you out of a gym after that is doing you a favor.

A favor - unless you want to get stardust and candy from your mon :slight_smile:
Also, it is 30 PC now max - at least for some of uss I guess.

Once you’ve been in for the requisite time, you can’t get any more dust or candy, so they might as well knock you out.

Now, if someone takes you out from 6 different gyms, all on the same day, they are not doing you a favor.