Just about the luckiest summoning session of my life

So as some people from the orb count thread might know, I planned on spending for F!Ike in order to get Repel for my Y!Marth. I summoned full circles, costing me 137 orbs plus the 4 orbs I yoloed earlier in the month

Here were the results, in the order they came

F!Julia +res -spd
F!Julia neutral
F!Julia +hp -spd
M!Byleth +atk -HP
F!Lyon neutral
Mikoto +spd -atk

And the free Ike at neutral

I’m so happy! Even for that Mikoto, Flash is good and I got her on my very 40th summon, saving me from the temptation to break a pity rate!

Although I am now slightly under 650 orbs, I’m still very very very happy and regret nothing

Hope everyone else got good summons on this banner

Welp. That’s my luck gone for at least the next year :feh_legion:


Hey, as long as you don’t regret anything. :feh_lucyshrug:

I’ll gladly take it for this Summer then, don’t mind me. :feh_camillamug:


Aight there you go there’s whatever scraps are left of my luck

Hope you get to finish S!Camilla. How many merges is she atm?


She’s standing at +3 as of today.

7 merges in around 600 orbs should be doable. :thinking:


Yeah it seems doable, I hope you can do it!


Embrace the dark side of the fallen! :feh_surtr:

Congrats on the amazing luck! Even the off-focus 5*s were overall great. Now go forth and lay waste to the opponents :feh_juliamad:


Yeah M!Byleth is great and I don’t have one. Besides Ruptured Sky+DC is good fodder if I ever decide I don’t need him :feh_surtr:

Even Mikoto I’m actually very happy with. If Marianne is a healer she can get a new fancy staff, as well as IR as a c skill (by taking IR 1 & A/R push from Brady)

Otherwise it’s still useful to have


Nice! Hope your Marth enjoys the fodder.

now give me that lyon

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I would give you the Lyon if I could

I’m sure my Marth will. Next season is gonna be the testing grounds for him as a Light carry, as well as trying him out on ARD.


Seriously, Flash is still a pretty underrated status effect–nobody expects it, and Kempf is still overall pretty rare. Nice win on every 5* summon! And all within the span of 40 summons + the freebie to put the icing on the cake. Hopefully this feels like a positive reinforcement for your dedication saving up orbs. :+1:


Woah, congrats! :feh_nino: You were even luckier than I was! I’m sure Marianne will understand. You still have the orbs to get her, too, so that’s nice. And I don’t think we’ll have another 3H banner so soon, but who knows.

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It is very much positive reinforcement to saving, and very much positive reinforcement to thinking out all my decisions before summoning. Otherwise I might have summoned for B!Fjorm which would not have led to this

It was great. So many 5*s and the freebie, I’m loving this 40 summons system already!


I’m sure she will.

I’m guessing we’ll have a 3h banner next month because that’s around the time the CYL results take impact I think. Probably not this month though.

And yeah even if it is this month, I still have plenty of orbs for her

Even if my luck on her banner is crap I still have the 40 summons system so it’s a win anyways on any future Marianne banner! :feh_nino:


YAY! i am so happy for you! you kicked bottom on this banner!

my goal is not to summon now until august need to stay FOCUSED.

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Thanks! I really did get super super lucky on this banner

I’m sure you can stay strong! unlike me

When we get to August I’m looking forward to seeing that hopefully +10 Dmitri! :feh_nino:

I really have to be. Bernie was my last “oh hey” if the game could just please not release bracing stance 3 (or let me free summon it), not have an Ophelia/Leanne banner, and not release dancers until AFTER CYL 4, that would be fantastic.

it’s officially 3 months till CYL 4 and that’s 900 orbs give or take events that i can add to my coffers so it’s buckle down time.

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I’m sure they will release something tempting but I’m also just as sure that you’ll be able to resist the temptation

Besides with your orb count I’m sure you’ll be able to +10 him when he comes, especially with the free one and the 40 summons one :feh_flaynsmile:

lol you have more faith than me. y’all will have to help me be strong.

actually i decided to play the free summon and 40 summon a bit differently. i am going to do full summons (better orb efficiency) and ideally i get one or two of the focus units. Free 40th will be the one i didn’t get, and then i could skip that colour while summoning (ideally red and green, since green always has the highest chances of pity breakers though in a new heroes banner they are gonna be great ones for me. or if i could avoid colourless GREAT) so hopefully it means i end up with having 2 of each CYL (one for fodder, one for keeping) and then work on dimitri and if i get enough, then i can free pick him as the 11th copy. (or i can pick the best fodder depending on the session

if dimitri ends up being a horse or armour, then it’s just 40 summons, and switch focus to Bramimond and saving up for something equally awesome (probably whatever is happening around christmas time and slow merge Celica/Nephenee/Azura providing that the weekly banners are a permanent fixture - i do think they are).

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Yeah well… it’s easier to have faith in another than in oneself.

That’s an interesting strategy. So basically you get multiple CYL units and not just Dimitri :feh_marththink:

Also the weeklies do appear to be sticking around so I hope you get those three to +10 eventually! :feh_flaynsmile:

yup, i like them all. and i actually have all the CYL units (some dustier than others), so i’d like to keep that tradition alive :)

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