Just another "Which 4* do I pick?" topic

Sup. Yeah, so, with 42 servants to choose from I’m having a hard time choosing who to pick so I’ve come to get second opinions. I’ve narrowed it down to 3 though, but still difficult to pick. I’m considering one of the following: Medea Lily, Saberlot, or NP4 Zerkalot.

Medea Lily’s dedicated healing might be nice, though since I already have Iri, Merlin, Tamamo and even Jeanne, I’m not sure if I really NEED Medea Lily. Granted none of them are dedicated healers like Lily is, but even still.

Saberlot I hear is an arts spamming Saber, and it’s be quite nice to have another Arts DPS to give Vlad a break.

Or, Zerkalot. My Zerkalot has been with me through thick and thin, and he’s my first 10/10/10 servant, got him fully grailed, he’s even the one I’ve been giving the 4* Fous to. Mine is currently sitting at NP3, but I want this glorious critting mad man all the way at NP5. I will Max him, it is inevitable. It’s just a question of when.

So that’s what I’m looking at here. Do I get a brand new servant, or add an NP level to one of my favorites?

If you want to add the NP, then do that. But adding a new servant to your roster is almost always the better pick versus upgrading a servant you already have - particularly since he’s available from the general summoning pool.

Saberlot isn’t just an arts spammer, he’s an unparalleled crit monster. He could let Vlad retire against everything but archers tbh, because Lance does enough raw damage with crits to make him deadly, even without class advantage. There’s a reason you’ll see him near the top of most player recommendation lists.

I’d forgotten that deatil about Saberlot being a crit monster as well as Arts spammer. I do love me some crit servants…

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“It’s inevitable” then do it now, the faster the better bro

Just remember the damage scaling from np3 to np4 falls off a cliff drastically. You’ve max grailled and will probably max fou him too in all reality in terms of np damage he’s roughly equal to or slightly above np4 right now

As for dedicated healers - I’ll ask you a very simple question. We’ve had Iri almost 18 months now. How many times have you actually used her because you needed to ? I can count maybe 5 times at most for me personally and that’s because i needed the party wide guts primarily. If you like Medea Lily go for it but I doubt you’ll use her anymore than you currently use Iri in the long run.

For me it’s a choice between np4 zerkalot and saberlot from the options you’ve given. I’d lean more towards saberlot because the jump from np3-np4 isn’t much in terms of dmg output for most servants

At this point in Zerkalots life, I’m only maxing him out of love and the stats simply have nothing to do with it. I will max him out, it’s only a matter of time (And gacha luck for the NP levels).

As for Iri, truth be told she was my go to healer for quite some time, I used her frequently until I got Tamamo and Vlad some time around last Halloween. Any excuse to bring out Iri now is a welcome one because I quite like her. All that said, I doubt I’d use Medea Lily all that much either, with the other options I have available. Medea Lily is just on the tabel because I feel it would be nice to have her just in case.

I’m thinking I might go Saberlot as well. Just having an alternaitve Arts DPS, one that doesn’t have the disadvantages that come with being a Berserker, would be nice.

Remove Lily altogether. She’s simply an unnecessary investment. Dedicated healer, yes, but that’s where her usefulness ends. There is no reason for someone with such powerful supports as Merlin and Jeanne to have Lily. If you were intending to get Lancelot to NP4, then know what NP4 does.
If this were a consideration of bringing him from NP1 to NP2, then you’d be going from 600% to 800% and that would be a worthwhile investment. In your case it would be going from NP3 to NP4, which is a tiny 900 to 950%. Thus clearly a new addition to your roster, regardless of who it is, would be better. If we were considering an NP upgrade in a vacuum, then it’s really good to upgrade a servant you’ve invested so much in. But when being handed a ticket you can buy 42 servants with, it’s simply not the best value. I don’t know how you narrowed it down to these 3, but either go for Saber Lancelot or someone else entirely.

I narrowed it down to theses one because they were simply the only ones I have any considerable amount of desire for. Most of the servants available I either already have, don’t want, or I am indifferent towards and don’t want to spend the ticket on.

Medea Lily I picked because she’s a dedicated healer, which I think might come in handy eventually. Though I already said, with my other supports I wasn’t sure I could justify the pick.

Saberlot was to have some variety in my Arts team, Vlad’s served me well but I’d like to try something new.

And Zerkalot I think is pretty obvious. I just love the servant. He’s 10/10/10, max bond, lvl 100, all the 4* Fous have been given to him. He’s a great servant that I plan to max him to his fullest and that means get him to NP5. The stats are irrelevant to me at this point. A free NP level is just a hard deal to pass up.

All of this said, I picked Saberlot.

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I just finished recommending Medea Lily to someone who wanted a debuff cleanser. She’s clearly well suited to that role, and healing, also. Just not that much besides that.

Don’t worry about Np4. He will be incredibly useful to you after all the resources you’ve put into him as it is. Skadi will amplify his power and allow him to go for an NP loop. Honestly it’s better to expand your roster than to have an NP5, since there is a chance you will find him in the gacha and that would feel bad.