Just coming back. Summon rates nerfed?

Hi im just coming back. Im wondering if anyone knows why its so hard to summon more than 1 copy of any unit now. Ive put in more than 600 obs into this F!Eldegard banner and ive only got a few copies of eldegard and axe morgan. How hard is it to get more copies or is it not possible to do it in one go?

Rates are the same, just bad luck :feh_legion_miso:


Hello and welcome back :smiley: So to answer your question it depends on the rates. For a 4 heroes banner with no colorsharing like this one, 10 copies of a unit (assuming you spark the one you want to +10) is about 1650 orbs (a little less for green, a little more for red). You can chek the rates here : https://fehstuff.com/summon-simulator/custom/65486


How many 5* units did you get total in those orbs? I’m going to guess you got many off focus pity breakers? The good thing is any 4* Specials (5* with the Starry background) do not reset your pity at all just as a regular 4*. Off focus drop your pity by 1% so unless you made it to 4.25% you wouldn’t noticed it didn’t fully reset your rate.

Overall though your issue boils down to an inflated summoning pool.


I got +1 F!edelgard neutral iv, +1 F!morgan +def iv, -atk F!dimitri, 1 mareeta + atk, 1 -spd bernadetta, 1 +atk ishtar.

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I got up to 5.50% twice after 2 days and thats all i had…

Sometimes that’s just how the RNG rolls.

On Dagr’s Mythic banner I spent like 200 Orbs green sniping and only got one green focus out of it, and that was at the very start. I wound up with a 12% pity rate until L-Corrin broke it on a no green reel

But on a Double Special Heroes banner I pulled two Halloween Grimas in a row, and in less than 30 Orbs

So it can easily go both ways


Im just glad i still have more than half of my paralogues and main story left to do after coming back. My roster is so small lol


Thanks for the info. This is a great help. Great for planning. But idk if i have the patience to save that many orbs since my roster isnt impressive by any means. I’ll try though.


No problem ! :smiley: You don’t have to +10 a 5 stars exclusive to progress in the game, most are super good as a one off or low merged (Edelgard is a good example of that). For arena you do need +10 merged units, but it can be 4 stars :slight_smile: Yhis site is a good way to know what to expect when you go in these kinds of banners and not get too disappointed by what you get. Although if you want to get serious about saving we have a thread here that can help you : https://community.gamepress.gg/t/orb-lounge-14-you-are-the-orbceans-gray-waves/


Is feh pass good for saving orbs or not worth it?


Feh Pass gives you 10 extra Orbs per month due to the two sets of Feh Pass quests (you can squeeze it up to 15 for a single month of the subscription if you buy it on a day that doesn’t refresh the quests). You also get a lot of other nice stuff for your money, like extra Grails and Divine Codes. It’s a better deal than buying the Orb packs, for sure


Pretty much what @LadyLuna said :smiley: We’re getting around 300 f2p orbs per month so FEH pass won’t really help you with that, but you receive 2 or 3 old 4 or 5 stars units with new art, +2 to all of their stats and a decent amount of other currencies. Not too bad of a deal if you want to spend money on the game :slight_smile:


On Dagr’s banner I got 7 Freyja and 1 Dagr and that’s it. RNG just be like that sometimes.


F.Edelgard is something like 1 in 37 colourless stones; axe Morgan should be around 1 in 25 green stones. I’m going to assume 4.5 orbs a pull so with 600 orbs you’re at 133 summons, and a few of them were neither green nor colourless. You will see about 3 colourless stones for every 2 green stones, so if we say 126 summons were green or colourless, 84 were colourless and 42 were green. The expected result is 2 copies of F.Edelgard and 1-2 of axe Morgan. Any more, and you’re running good. Any less, and you’re running bad. But you said +1 on both of the focus units? So that’s really close to what you should have expected for 600 orbs.

3% banners with four focus units are like this. It looks like your expectations were not mathematically sound.

I’m about three months back into the game and definitely feel the weakness in my roster. I do think this is one of the bigger problems in this game, that it takes at least several months just to have the most important mythics and some other pivotal 5* exclusives and copies of units good to merge and the seals currently most important. It’s one of my biggest complaints about the game.


I wasnt expecting to completely merge F! Edelgard or F! Morgan F. I just wanted a whole set. Im still missing F! Morgan M. And F! Dimitri is -atk. His whole caveat is strong atk so that bummed me out. He is great though for general missions.

Based on the summon sim you are above the average for getting all four, but not at 75th percentile yet. And M-Morgan being the one that eludes you is not at all surprising because red is the least likely color to give you a 5 Star due to its large number of 3-4 Star units, and it has the largest number of off focuses to pull, IIRC. When I pulled red sparking for Mirabilis I didn’t get any focuses at all.

An average by definition means half of people take less Orbs to hit the goal and half take more, so this situation is far from unusual

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Yeah i did notice how hard it is to pull for reds. I literally only have 10 reds. 2 of them being free ike and Reginn. And have legendary -atk lilna and -spd B! lysithea

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Oh if that’s what you were after I believe you’re more than a little behind average. On average variance, they all show up once each in 133 summons, plus you can stop summoning a colour once the unit shows up which means that not only do you get the 133 summons in with less than 600 orbs but it ends up being less than 133 summons because you can stop summoning colours when you get the focus units. But even if you don’t, on average 600 orbs is more than enough.

My regrets for the bad RNG including Dimitri’s IV.

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Oh so i should stop summoning after i get a focus pull? I just went the full circle everytime. All 600…