Just complaining about myself


Why can’t you just pick a refine and stick with it!?
Or just make a good solid merge project?

I’m such an idiot.


This is a negative response.

just drink some coffee


But who would make a weekly thread about GHB units and refine if you didn’t do that? :frowning:

I mean we have all our manner to play, but the absence of merge project can be a bit hard for arena (and yet it’s only for a couple of feathers and maybe one orb time to time). Don’t you have an absolute favourite unit you want to +10?


Nope. I like little projects. But I kinda leave everything at +1.
Which is my problem


I don’t really see that as as a problem though? Nobody has to +10 units. Nothing wrong with playing the game in the way you want it to play, or am I missing something? If you like little projects, then more power to you man


If it makes you feel any better I do the same exact thing. I’ll build a unit to level 40 with most of their kit and… Just randomly get bored with them or find they don’t perform as well as I thought.

I also post unique builds from time to time but I never do them because I have a deep rooted fear of foddering premium fodder units…


Merge projects are the bane of my existence.
I know I should try and do one, but… I don’t.

press f for both of us I guess.


i feel you


Same here. I foddered only two 5* exclusive unit (Karla and Eir) but I thought hard before foddering :sweat_smile: and I foddered them for two +10 units
I’m so scared to make a bad decision


same (but ur not though we love a good bean boi)

bean boi is smart
bean boi is kind
bean boi is important


@Sir_of_Coffee I think she wants you to say “no u”


that cup is a big mood


I definitely feel it. I just refuse to fodder anymore unless I know I would make the unit +10 if I could.

Some 5 star exclusives I simply can’t make a +10 project out of without whaling or saving for months at a time and hoping they’re going to be the focus of a future banner…


Mandatory ‘no, you!’


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Please leave my computer!


That’s why I’m so hesitant when it comes to making decisions in Heroes because one failed project can months of farming go to waste


>>:3 you can’t make me



The problem is you dont know the wonders of the Roy refine you did, which will complete you forever and the need to use anything else but Roy will go away