Just complaining about myself


You have to use Roy double S supported with all the exclusive skills I have to get the same effect. Literally no content Roy cant just throw himself at. Only certain Abyssal maps are the exception


You can make any terrible unit usable that way.
Your Gordin for example.


I dont use units who arent top tier. Gordin and Roy are top tier and destroy the meta as it stands


i dont really make it a big thing when i try to do merges, i just merge when ever i have the stuff to do so, its like a side quest for me


Even more-





Gamepress is wrong


youve got it wrong. it means 7 out 10 based on his hotness


they’d still be wrong


7/7 for me


I mean yeah he’s actually pretty baller if you do the most lol


@RoyAhoy I used your Gordin in GC and he’s fun to use


I have no clue what I gave him for GC but thank you :green_heart:


I think it’s an arena build? I don’t mind I like to turn on animation so I can see his lines with other friend units I don’t have/use


I was the same way. I had Lewyn for months doing nothing but sitting in my barracks taking up space until eventually I was just like “Screw this” and foddered him to my NY!Corrin (a unit I wanted to build).

What’s life without a few risks? :slight_smile:


I like the way you live. This is what I do in Heroes too.


I like to have at least one unit of each but it’s better to fodder someone you don’t care about for someone you will use.
Hopefully, I don’t have a high fodder need. Still have 4 those DC fodder I don’t need lol


There’s a coffee shop somewhere in town that sells in cups that read “I gave up coffee once. It was the worst 11 minutes of my life.”


I currently enjoy making +1 units. Get rid of the bane, gain some useful stats, and a nice blue background on their portrait.

I already have an Arena core at +10 (Felicia, FCorrin, Marth and Fae). I put Reinhardt (+8), Lilina (+4), and ATiki (+3) on standby because they work well enough as they are. I have several low-merge units, but no pressing needs nor passion projects. So +1 units keep me working on something, otherwise I would be really bored.