Just FGO newbie ask: What is the golden QC icon next to the damage amount you deal to the enemies?

Could sb tell me what is the golden QC icon next to the damage amount you deal to the enemies? Plz

It’s OC for overcharge. When you read the noble phantasm description there is always one or more things that are listed as increasing with overcharge, which you achieve by charging the np to 200% or more, chaining off another np, using Edison’s skill or the CE devilish bottivah. When the OC icon appears the OC effect took place.

For example, Nitocris’s OC effect is a higher death chance. If the enemy triggers instant death and she was 200% or more the symbol will appear. But if the enemy resists death the symbol will not appear.


I’ve been playing for about a year now and there’s actually something I don’t know. If your Servant is at NP1, and you chain them second, do they still get the bonus, or nah?

Pretty sure they do, they just can’t get past 100% by themselves, have to rely on multiple NPs in a row to overcharge. Similar to how the maximum overcharge a servant can achieve on their own is 300%, but maximum overcharge of an NP is 500%.

Indeed, like Meta_Cat says, they do still get the bonus. Below is a breakdown of how different effects work. I used Nito cause Mysty used her as an example earlier in the thread, and she also has all three types of effects (Charge based, Level based, and Static). Please excuse its messiness, I made it in Microsoft Paint lol :laughing: