Just for good measure

Just in case that you have really bad luck and don’t get Sirius on this banner, I’m giving you some builds with other options to consider. (+you can just use Sirius mask on them all). All with different benefits and some of them way cheaper than others.

This is more to give an idea of the stats for this three heroes,
most of the time that C slot is going to be atk smoke or ward cav to help with the formation,
and well Aside from Lull atk spd, desperation or escape route. there are not so many options for cavs.

Keep in mind that if you wanted to proc galeforce on a mage or a ranged dancer you would need remove the A slot from sirius leaving him on 54 with his weapon active.

This two heroes are in the rotation and they will be back to give juicy stats.

But… it’s just Fury and HB… Not to mention but HB would rarely activate without buffs from either of those two. 50 Atk ain’t much these days.

If only he had Lull Atk/Spd- oh wait

Did everybody forgot Peri? Her prf has exact same effect Sable lance has, her stat line is a bit weaker, however.

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Doesn’t her weapon require her to be below 100% HP? That’s quite different than being away from allies

Her statline is kinda weaker but she’s easier to merge so she’s definitely still a more budget friendly option than either Camus or Sirius

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I think so, but just like Sable lance her lance buffs her up by 3 points to each stat while also has slaying edge effect.

we choose to forget peri for a reason


Hard to forget her when she has 2 lines of dialogue when you summon her and she spells her name 12 times



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This is lowkey cursed but that’s why it fits Peri so well lol

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