Just found out FE: Binding Blade could’ve been on the N64 as “Fire Emblem 64” or “Fire Emblem: Maiden of Darkness” + Images

Random? Yes. But very interesting. I love looking back at what games could have looked like, even with the little info we have. It’s the reason why I find Kirby GC and Mother 64 so interesting. I can’t link a video or anything, but I’d suggest looking it up. It’s very interesting, even with the few low quality images.


And another tidbit. After FE4, the next game, at first, was to be a return to Marth’s world and would be on the SNES, despite the console on its way out at the time.

This, I’m pretty sure, lead to Thracia 776.

These are some images I found about the game.



Concept Art:

Btw, instead of Roy, originally the main character’s name was Ike. No joke. And there was a character named Ephraim, with his father being Eliwood, but they looked completely different. And Owain, I think, was also a name of a character.

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Also, Karel was also there somewhere…

Also, beta Idunn.

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And, this was beta Roy, with his beta name, Ike.

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RPGs on the N64!? What madness would that be!?

Okay there were actually like 2 RPGs on the N64, Quest 64 and Paper Mario

Paper Mario sets off my nostalgia, and makes me want tacos. Cause I swear what felt like every time I played chapter 5 of PM I had tacos for dinner as a kid


Paper Mario is great, so I can’t blame you for liking it, tho I don’t have nostalgia for it. I prefer the “Mario & Luigi” RPGs.

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Paper Mario for dayz
The original was actually quality though, my fam got it on our Wii somehow and it was a lot of fun (played with the GC remote)

I have a lot of nostalgia for the original Paper Mario, but as far as Mario RPGs go Thousand Year Door is my fav. In fact it’s likely in my top 5 favorite games.

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Never played it.

Also, the reason, to get back on topic, this game died was because the N64DD died. A lot of N64 games were just ported to the normal N64, but FE64, as well as others like Mother 64 and Super Mario 64 2, were just cancelled.

And yes, Super Mario 64 2 has a horrible name and was a thing at one point.

Should’ve been Super Mario 128

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Ogre Battle 64


That was something else entirely, that inspired Galaxy.

Was typing ogre battle when you replied. Good stuff.


Well, to hopefully start a conversation, I wish we could see gameplay of this game, like we could with Mother 64, Project Dream, which became Banjo-Kazooie, etc.

We probably will never know what this game would be, so that sucks. But I find this very interesting.

The graphics in that in-game picture look great, similar to Chrono Trigger and the Final Fantasy of the SNES era