Just giving some love to Mama Raikou

To anyone who’s seen my name on this board a lot the past week, I’m sorry. I just love bringing up topics and such and talking to people.

Anyway, just wanted to give some love to Raikou, as the title suggests. She was my first ever SSR berserker, and on top of that I got her a little after I first downloaded the game. I remember rolling a random event for the hell of it, and I managed to pull both her and Frankenstein on the same roll (my luck was EX back then, and has since receded to about C-ish). Didn’t really think much about her, and I immediately gravitated over to Fran since I was just starting to watch Apocrypha at the time. A little while later, I decided to start leveling and fielding Raikou, and I started to like using her more and more, and I had fun with the My Room interactions. Took her to a lot of fights, several of which she struggled with; a lot of my attacks weren’t doing much of anything and my NP just tickled most enemies. I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t get her to work, so after some time I decided to look into her on Gamepress and play around with what I found.

Imagine my shock when I realized I was playing her wrong the entire time.

For about a year I had just buffed her damage with assist Merlins or whatever, just trying to make her NP leave a dent. Turns out that’s not what the NP is for, and it took me that long to look at the effects and see the ‘Increased Star Drop Rate’ that’s tagged on, see her first skill, and that’s when it clicked; she’s essentially a five-star Emiya. Use EAM and then NP on second-to-last wave, then crit the absolute crap out of the final wave. After that happened, her usefulness increased tenfold, and the satisfaction I felt was absolutely euphoric. Since then I’ve maxed her bond, leveled her to 100, increased her stats with Fou over 1000 each, and am working on maxing her skills with Mystic Slayer at 10. Best Zerker Mama now and forever.


Best zerker !


Amen, brother.

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I like her for gameplay reasons. I don’t mind her personality. I don’t like her… oversized assets

But when it comes to the fandom, there’s some weird Oedipus shit going on.


Eh, people have their kinks.

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I remember trying her when i just started
And i was stunned…and since then i thought
Yeah i will get her and i will make her as broken as i can…tbh that’s how i started loving her


I clicked this topic thinking that her motherly love and other kinky shit was about to be discussed.
Needless to say, I was immediately disappointed. But that disappointment is aimed toward myself, thinking that such a good Buster crit monster’s gameplay potential would be ignored in favor of late-night, incognito mode assisted discussion.

As a fellow Raikou user, even though I mostly use her as a class-independent wave 3 ember doer with Kaleidoscope, I appreciate her amazing crit potential and the amount of crit stars she generates with a buster NP. The few times I’ve used her in other quests where she obviously wouldn’t destroy the wave with her NP, the crits did the job.
I can’t wait for her skill upgrade so she ALSO gains a Crit Up buff of her own :fgo_buster::fgo_buster::fgo_buster:


She is my most special servant. I love her personality and she is an amazing servant. I rolled her in Onigashima rerun and that was my most special roll. She came on the very first ticket I used and I honestly couldn’t believe what happened at first and thought I was half asleep. That was also the roll that broke my 100% percent ssr spook ratio as all other four 5 stars that I had at that point were non rate up. I also got her summer version in less than ten tickets while Helena was also on rate up. She is my lucky servant as well and if had to pick only one servant to have it would have to be her.


So much culture in just 5 words.


She’s one of the reasons why i’m choosing the cavalry banner in the next GSSR, i never really rolled for her because i had other priorities at the time but now i see the appeal, if only for the gameplay advantage she gives you.

She makes most of the farming trivial and you can use her basically in any event.


I wanted to give Raikou some love, but them Hijikata happeared and stole my soul.

As soon as i level him (and rescue my soul), Raikou will be loved

I’m using her right now for farming Forbidden Pages in Rainbow Town. She’s easily halved the time I use for farming.

She is the reason why i am not rolling cavalry lol(well one of them)


She was my main damage dealer for a long time but latelyI haven’t used her much outside of demon slaying or bosses .
Fortunately she is supremely suited for farming stakes so I’ve had the pleasure of her turning the final wave to mincemeat.

I’m actually interested in testing her out in solo situations like Lily Aquina does…

Ah, fellow masters of culture.

I call mama the canopener, because she can just piledrive anything I throw at her. Whenever I see multiple classes in a fight, I just throw her in there and she takes care of the rest. After Illya gets her golden fous, mama will be next in line.


Got her 6/10/10. Pretty solid, pretty enjoyable to use, got some gorgeous animations.

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My Raikou is 6/10/10 too but ungrailed unlike some of those here. She’s one of the reasons I’m less scared to field berserkers now + that sick NP animation where she’s lightning bending puts her in my A+ category for mixed nodes.


God yes, her NP is one of my favorites. Especially if she ends up laughing during it. It just screams awesome.


She’s my 1st main target next year. When I first saw Raikou, her art style really bothered me. Over time though, between her strong gameplay and personality that can be serious, funny and kinky, I came to like her over time.

@Drachy I’m surprised you haven’t commented on this thread yet lol