Just goes to show, defense ain't everything

Another AR topic because I’m competitive trash. But real talk, I thought this guy was just sick of AR until I took a look at those fancy chairs. Dude’s been top 3k since the start of AR…

All level 1s at 4*(Not like it matters). Traps aren’t real and I felt bad for killing them off as the healers immediately tried to get through my units to run like hell.


I believe that’s called “fishing”? :feh_maethink:

I think Akariss says you should make your defense garbage like this during lift loss protection so you can get more rematches, and lessen your chance of being hit.


Hm. Interesting. Little too competitive for me then…


When I saw the picture I thought there was some trick to how the defense team won…

But nope. Was just told that they were all killed, like lambs to the slaughter.


I believe he retracted that statement. And/or doesn’t recommend if you aren’t hitting top 100 players.

I don’t think fishing is all that helpful honestly. What you end up doing is giving someone max lift earnings, essentially making it harder for you to climb higher (as other players are getting free lift). There’s no certainty your gained rematch option will be definitively easier to do. Since the game is matching you with players at the time of your rank at that time, even a ‘fished’ match at tier 25 can still net you a tier 27 player when you do your rematch. So I don’t really see the gain of this besides making it harder on yourself by lifting up your potential opponents.

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