Just got Dimitri but He has a rather peculiar IV

So, as you can see, It’s the opposite of the IV he wants, I still plan to build him though.

Though Inheriting his skills is an option I considered, though I am more inclined in building him and use him in AR( try to Change my mind) still I’m gonna ask through poll.
Note: I considered foddring his skills to Kronya.

  • Build him
  • Fodder his skills to Kronya

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Also, Goodluck on your summonings.

I feel he’s still pretty good even with -Atk. He still has 52 with his weapon, and what with his DB4 and Lull skill (unless you’re switching them out) he’s got plenty of power left. +Spd is kinda lame. I say try him out, and if he doesn’t do as well as you hope for, fodder him off. That’s my plan.

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To be honest, I am actually gonna give him a speed build.

:thinking: he does have about 30 Spd with a boon, so it’s a neat idea. Great for denying doubles and using his weapon to double. Doesn’t even need too much investment. I like the sound of it.

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It’s not the best IV, but you can make use of it :birbpeek:
At least you got him, right?

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Very true, I have a lot of bad IV 5* units so I am used to building units with non-optimal IVs.

And He’ll be a great asset to my AR Offense team and In Arena when He’s a bonus unit


I honestly don’t know who has the worse one, yours (-ATK, +SPD) or mine (-HP, +RES). Let’s compare when we both fully build ours up?

I want Dimitri because my current galeforcer (Tibarn) has anti-synergy with B!Veronica while Dimitri’s weapon effect can be easily manipulated by Savage Blow B!Vero while also giving him emblem buffs in her C slot.


On the contrary, I think it’s interesting, since with a small investment into speed or cavalry buffs, he can reach a point where he blocks a lot of doubles and can consistently dual phase :man_shrugging:


Yours isn’t that bad, gameplay wise since it doesn’t affect his most important stats(though HP is his most important stat but it’s more for his weapon), mine definitely affects him more gameplay wise since Atk is debatably his bast stat and he has the opposite of what he wants.

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I’m aware of that. I even said so higher up.

Workable Spd is one of my favorite parts of this game. I like making slower units fast.

His stats are similar to horse chrom. It"s just that his lance is a bit iffy to use and chrom’s kit is synergistic to his suit (easier but risky to set up). If his lance was a bit different he would be a better unit to use.

(like this) Noble lance: atk+3 if unit HP=100% grants +3 to all stats and foe and unit can’t make follow up attacks. If unit HP is >100% +3 all stats and guaranteed follow up attack

Mine is -spd + res . I want to build him like this

A-- Fury 3 (fortress def/res 3 for bulk and with 3 ward cavalries +12 def/res) death blow 4 still works
B-- lul atk/def 3 (give him Claude’s lul for extra spd and/or have a + spd Dimitri)
C-- Ward cavalry cause it’s easier to get (goad is harder to get) , mostly untouchable (lul skills) and they stack ( savage blow 3 also works )

SS- heavy blade 3 , brazen skill, stance.

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