Just got scammed ... any way to report FGO JP Accounts?

As you can read in the title, I got scammed selling an FGO JP account through Middleman. The seller wrote me a message and commissioned me a fake Middleman. He got my JP Details and both just went off. Im not here to cry or anything and I know its my fault for trusting them and I have realized on my own (so don’t write something like ‘‘Its your fault bruh’’).

I just wanted to ask, if there is a way I can report this FGO JP account. I got the old Account information (they probably changed the infos) and the friend code and screenshots, so they could ban the account. Or will it be gone forever?

Isn’t selling accounts against ToS?


I mean, if it is against TOS, then DW might act automatically on it

They won’t bother with your case if you tell them you wanted to sell your account.

High chances the thief already made a purchase (SQ) in case you want to get back your account by showing your bank statement to DW.

How many accounts are ACTUALLY getting banned for being sold?
Wasn’t it a really small number? If that’s the case I think DW really won’t bother.

The problem isn’t the number. The problem is that there is no possible way nor reason to request the banning of an account. From DW’s perspective, there is no way an account owner would want to ban their own account, so any request to ban could only come from a malicious third party. I’m afraid this one’s a win for the scammers.

It’s a win for the scammer. Got my phone stolen IRL from someone at my workplace 3 years ago (I was a JP player at the time), I contacted to the best of my abilities the Support for FGO JP, since the account was active on another phone there was nothing they could do. So yeah you lost this battle.