Just how good is Gardevoir with Charm in PvE?

Would it be useful against Zekrom (since Ground moves are so terrible) and Kyurem (since other dragons would be glass cannons against it)? What about if Palkia returns?

Of course, it would be useless for Reshiram and Dialga, while Rayquaza is doubly weak to Ice. I suspect Terrakion may have too many better counters (likewise for Giratina).

Most Dragon-type gym defenders are doubly weak to Ice, but Mamoswine is vulnerable to Salamence (Fire Fang hurts and Hydro Pump is hard to dodge). Confusion is equally SE into Fighting-type defenders.

As for gym defence, I guess Charm handles attacking Tyranitars better (and attacking Metagrosses slightly less worse)?

I assume you’re asking about vs dragon type moves since regular dragons could handle its electric ones with ease. Fairies would be extremely bulky but also slower than even Mamoswine here - Gen 4 ice types are still viable here, even with only a single weakness to work with.

Look no further than MM Metagross here. Metagross resists both sets of STAB and is only bested in raw DPS by Rayquaza, Outrage Salamence, and Rampardos, all of which will fold before any dragon or ice sets (Rampardos simply by virtue of being so frail).

With Palkia’s only weaknesses being dragon and fairy this makes Charm users much more relevant. Their tankiness against Draco Meteor gives Gardevoir, Togekiss, and Granbull much more utility as 5th and 6th slot sponges but their attack stats just don’t compare to the elite dragons. Even in Cloudy weather Gardevoir is still just 5th best in DPS.

I am looking forward to having another good anchor for Dragon fights. Palkia was a giant pain! Least favorite legendary to take down…least useful too, honestly.

Confusion is still the better move for gym defense. And period (higher EPS for the same DPS).

Against the legendary dragons gardevoir needs cloudy weather to have any relevance and even then it only shines against dragon charge moves(and psychic type charge moves in the case of Latios and Latias). Its best scenario without weather boost is against Draco meteor Palkia, but even then Dialga is much stronger(but got more deaths).
At the end it may not the best attacker but will save you of relobby a lot, by doing good damage, but only on specific ocassions that without knowing the moveset of the boss will be difficult to identify.

That’s exactly what I’m hoping for. I don’t care much about a 10% dip in DPS (or whatever it amounts to) I just want something to keep me from re-lobbying a ton! Even with lvl 30+ dragons, Palkia gets OHKO on them like crazy!

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Unfortunately, we can no longer use the recommended team to figure out what moves the boss has.

I forgot that Mamoswine is also Ground-type, so it can handle Zekrom’s Electric moves like a boss while hitting it with Ice moves.

I forgot about the Lati twins! Charm will definitely be better than Confusion or Charge Beam against them.

Cloudy weather is common here. The key question is whether, without cloudy weather, Gardevoir with Charm has enough DPS (and bulk) to be a good anchor for legendary dragon raids.

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As others have said, Fairy-types with Charm will make exceptional team anchors against Dragon movesets, but they won’t be claiming any top DPS spots. I’ll plan on allocating a sixth slot to either Gardevoir or Togekiss if I’m in a smaller group and it can save me the trouble (and DPS loss) of re-lobbying.

Least useful? Ho-Oh, Suicune, the Regis, and multiple Deoxys formes would like a word. :wink:

Azelf couldn’t possibly have a use, I don’t even know the names of the other two on other continents

Cheers to that! :beers:

Palkia is still #1 vs. Giratina Altered Shadowclaw and Ancient Power. BF/sunny is the standard Pokebattler Setting I employ.

A better choice in my opinion ; )

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That’s only assuming you are fighting with only 3 or 4 people. Most people here don’t and if you can do 6 uniques you will need those 2nd and 3rd rate counters.

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Wait till 5th Gen before focusing on Charm from a PvE perspective. Scrafty and Hydreigon are both *4 weak to Fairy-type. Should they become raid bosses, Fairies will be the best attackers into them

Lol, good point!:rofl: I like Ho-oh and it has some uses as a bulky attacker. I never got to raid the Regis or Suicune so I wasn’t thinking of them. Palkia is just…awkward. Too expensive to be worth the DPS as a Dragon-attacker (Rayquaza is better and Salamence is cheaper) and the cases in which you need Dragon DPS with Water/Fire resistance are sooo low. Basically its niche is attacking itself (stophittingyourself, stophittingyourself).

I’d at least try to get a lucky or two to keep on the back burner. Palkia will likely be a solid investment when Reshiram comes around.

Thanks for letting me know!

Most dragons are already resistant to fire and water, unless their secondary typing cancels out the resistance with a weakness.

To add onto @DarkMalice’s comment, Scrafty is fighting/dark and Hydreigon is dragon/dark. Whether or not Scrafty becomes raid relevant is anyone’s guess but Hydreigon being a pseudo-legendary makes it somewhat likely to appear in raids at one point or another.

For kyurem, metagross exists, so gardevoir is essentially irrelevant in this match up.

For zekrom, against electric moves dragons will be champion, especially garchomp. Against dragon moves it will depend what it’s moves are. But even with worst case scenario, If it’s DM, the dodge glitch is fixed (mostly) and dialga exists, while providing superior DPS unless it’s cloudy.

Gardevoirs main use, as it basically always has been, will still be machamp beat downs, unless machamp has heavy slam. Gardevoir lacks the stats to compete outside of weather with the dragons.

Beg to differ against palkia it’s double water and fire resistance was what made it better than rayquaza at times and since reshiram will be stronger with fire, the same will happen.

If you rely on dodging then both palkia and dialga are useless, since the other dragons aren’t stuck with an impractical charge move and will be more consistent perforrmance wise. Palkia so or so underperforms when facing a dragon moveset, since it gets wiped out like Gengar vs psychic charge moves and it only shines when it double resists something. Dialga barely survives a hit from DM, so good luck at chargingDM again before you faint.
That being said shadow hits combined with other glitches make dodging unreliable, so I’m glad fairies are finally usable, since slightly lower DPS is way better than fainting with an almost charged move again and again and again.

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