Just how low is Angra Mainyu's FP drop rate?

I’ve opened 58 boxes, spent all the friend points in gacha. Quite a few 3* servants I’d like to upgrade np have not dropped yet… and NOT A SINGLE angry mango so far.

Is there some hidden requirement for summoning him that I missed? Like a dark ritual that everyone knows and did not tell me?

Unlimited box works as long as I have apples and my sanity, and I’m running low on both.

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3% if I’m not mistaken…

3% for what?

There’s no official number of how rare he is, but the community crunched them and he’s a lot rarer than a 5*


Angra is the rarest and hardest to get servant in the game.

If you get him consider rolling then in their for 5 stars because it means you are SUPER LUCKY at that moment!

I’ve dropped over a million FP and I still don’t have him. I mean, he’s basically a worthless Servant, but I still want him just so I can have him.

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I remember someone saying his rate is 0,5 %.
Don’t know if this is true though. Got him NP3 already. But he’s unfairly hard to raise, considering he’s basically a 2* and more or less worthless. He requires more mats than for example Lobo!

Wait for quick memes. And his rank up quest. Then he might be better for most.

and then do a multiroll cause usually RNG prefer really low number that moment.

SALT: Btw I have NP2 Angra here.

NP3 for me… But no Nerofest CE come…

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His quick buff outperforms Skadi and his star weight means he won’t really crit that much. I don’t see how Skadi solves his problems.

No one knows. iirc reddit and/or /fgog/ calculated that the average drop rate was lower than a 5*, but no official rate has ever been given

I have 4 in my account. Wanna some? I just hate the fact I get these from SQ multirolls.

If DW put trading platform I already trade the CE with you… Farming is harsh on Nerofest

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Yeah if those trading is really happen, I’ll pay for anyone Dive to Blue (though I can still get the 5th copy next year) and probably holy night supper in the future if I failed to get the 5th copy (this year is the last chance)… and DW won’t let it happen anyway.

I though Kerry and Chen Gong solve his problem already. He just love to be people’s scapegoat.

Dude… Bond 10 for his Interlude!!
I have him in almost every partys backline. Bur it’s insane. Have him at 6 right now and Bond 7 needs 400.000 more.

This is the incarnation of all the Evils in the World. Grind.
Grind it all to dust in the wind, and you may be saved.

Just a single fragment of hope, for this hopeless world,
and the world may bloom again. Humanity will not die.

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Thanks sir. I’m going to follow your step.

I have 2M FP from these boxes right now and I am gonna take over that salt repo if I don’t roll him while making CE bombs after UmuFest.