Just managed to do this in a single day

Done the whole challenge task course in a single day, this one for me is kinda easy since I’ve been constantly looking out for huge Raid bosses like Zekrom, Lapras and Feraligatr.

I really wish that the quests next week don’t have “Win in the GBL N number of times.” I DO NOT want to touch it, even once. Probably the Premirer cup I’ll do 25 x 2 tracks for a few days depending on mood but otherwise it will just drive me insane.

Holy—I haven’t even finished the first one yet!
Hold on, hold on, hold on, so in five days, you have to catch TWO HUNDRED pokemon?!

You only need to clear the first 3 for your “votes” to count (although Niantic may just fix the votes anyway).

The 4th is for bragging rights.

Ohhh ok.

I guess the 50 excellent throws are more delicate ;)

Suprisingly I had no problems doing that.

I can barely make 2 excellent throws in single day, oh well, at least the last one doesn’t really count.

Yes, because you do raids with easy to excellent mons as far as I understood? Still very fast though. How many raids did you need?

4 Zekroms, a Feraligatr, a Lapras and a Kabutops (Around 20 excellents)

Rest are just done by delicate aiming big hitbox mons, such as Hoppip, Aron, Kanto Starters with hats etc.

I’m glad that the 4th tier is literally just for bragging rights.

I completed it in about 3 hours.

The 50 excellent throws were definitely the hardest, and most time consuming, part but I got there in the end. I suck at Excellent throws (I’m a sloppy thrower), and generally don’t bother aiming for them unless they’re specifically needed. No raids done though; all with wild spawns, though I got somewhat lucky with a Wobuffet nest at the tail end which are quite easy to do excellent throws on.

Geez. You guys are quick. :+1:

I wish you guys would do all my 3 excellent throws field research tasks. I have to keep throwing those out. It’s a bummer too because larvitar is favorite poke.