Just obtained a Valentian Catria, what should I do with her food?

Still no Pent… :feh_elisad: Fucc you Nino
But well at least when the tempest Trial comes I will obtain 40 something orbs so I can spark him :feh_thinkinglikelukas:
The thing is that I obtained… That girl, and damn it this is reminding me… :catcry: but since I don’t care for her, I would like to know what I could do with her food, which is her aerobatics and harsh command+ I think?? I don’t think the bond 4 skill will became useful for me…
I would like to add her B to dancer Eldigan since he could reach more to his allies, or maybe return to arena with more decent food
Or give her B to somebody else and the + thing too to Seteth, I heard he scores well


Personally I gave the tier 4 bond skill + Harsh Command+ to my Sharena for Arena scoring, since I’ve got a total of 5 of these across my time (and none have been +Atk lol)


You could grab Harsh Command+, Atk/Spd Bond 4, and Spd Tactics 3 if you wanna grab as many skills as possible. I personally wouldn’t wanna miss out on Atk/Spd Bond 4 or Harsh Command+ (even if I wouldn’t really use them lol) but it’s up to you. Aerobatics already comes as a seal slot, and I feel like even though Fliers are limited in B skills, non combat/mobility skills are kinda not that necessary.


Bond 4 is nice for PvE and Arena and such, as well S for WoM users. Otherwise, harsh command + is good for arena scoring, but isn’t honestly all that useful all the time. Aerobatics is fine too if you don’t want the other fodder I guess.

Honestly you can probably just manual her and wait until you have someone who does need the fodder :fgo_ereshpeek:


I have her manualed


The bond is good for certain units, especially those who have PRFS that would like it.

I pulled a copy I was never going to use on my alt, so I gave the bond to my Innes (who I also don’t plan on using much, but that’s a different story). Innes’s weapon boosts stats based on adjacent allies, so it’s a good fit.

Other weapons like that (owl tomes, one of the falchions) would like it. Bond stacking is a thing that can work.


Aerobatics and harsh command to whatever flier you +10 who can’t use dive bomb or a flight skill (i.e. ranged.)

Don’t know about spd bond on a save armour, but all bonds activate when savior activates and blocking atk debuffs is nice.