Just putting down a few ideas on wings

I wanted to call it a Wyvern Flight post, but I wanted to share one more build (for fun)

But the main part is this. I have a single copy of Wyvern Flight and three main options for the skill.
Biggest haste with it is that I want to use Seteth for Arena, but he’s gonna be +spd without wyvern flight and +def with it.
So here I go.

And this for context is my Seteth now. Will likely get a unity skill eventually if I don’t give him Wyvern Flight.

Might as well poll it.

  • Seteth
  • Cormag
  • Subaki

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That aside I did want to take this chance to post my Galle idea too. It’s just mostly for fun, don’t think I’ll accually build him, but here.

He’s mainly a anti-melee wall. The power, guard and DR allowing him to take on tough melee units. Maybe also an archer given how high his def is with a DR and guard, but that’s not his function.
He does have a bit of use in player phase since his 72 atk is active dual phase.


Cormag has the highest def here so I would go with him. I would use Fort D/R not fury 4, but I suppose if you like it, or don’t have the former, then go ahead


Could do that with spd boon.
41 visable speed with 50 visbale res.
The invisable speed wouldn’t be super high, but getting chipped might be a bigger problem than getting no doubles

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