Just saw FE: Three Houses’ opening cutscene

WARNING - If you’d like to say blind to FETH content, stay away from this topic. It’s not really that spoiler oriented, as I still don’t know much, but I know some people wouldn’t want to see anything about the game.

With that being said…


It looked pretty cool. I actually just saw it get recommended to me. That was it. I didn’t even know this was out. Looks promising, although when the sword was about to pierce the lady’s stomach, that made me grind my teeth, lol. It also threw me off that she just punched and kicked the guy. But, it looks great. Can’t wait to see more!

Lastly, if you know of FETH spoilers, don’t leave them here. I know a decent amount of the game, but not the leaks, certain gameplay elements, etc. So, please be considerate. Thanks!


Also, this game is very anime. I know people already know that, but it’s extremely anime. Others have issues with that, but I think it’s fine, tbh.

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The opening keeps giving me chills, whenever I watch it.

Well, I mean its Japan.

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Need Katarina-chan to warm u up?

Nah. I’m good.


I can imagine u kyaaaaaaaaaaa-ing in the background


I know that.

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That’s how games are turning out these days. You gotta adapt.

Explain this term, if you will. I haven’t heard it before.

Anime version of fanboy/fangirl screaming happily.

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Should’ve thought as much. Thanks for taking the time to explain it.

I never understood the accusation of modern FE games supposedly being anime. Fire Emblem has always been “anime.” Binding Blade? Shonen anime. Boring kid with improbably styled hair wins a bunch of fights he shouldn’t because of his protagonist powers. Genealogy of the Holy War? Berserk, FE style, with slightly less “assault” and slightly more 90s mullets. Wild hair colors, magical mystery ladies, etc. The series has always been loaded with anime tropes; they’ve just been more prevalent than earlier games recently.

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I completely agree. I was just saying how other people think that FETH is too anime.

I know. I didn’t comment that to single anyone out; just musing is all.