Just some Pelleas Art

So first of all why did I want to make this thread? The Idea was to create some fanart for my fav Fire Emblem character but not just that. It is also the perfect excuse for me to draw more dynamic poses. Practise Perspective and drawing Backgrounds. And of course giving my fav some spotlight. I am kind of lazy when it comes to those things. Especially backgrounds of pictures and this was the perfect excuse. The first art will be part of my Pelleas biography project. (which isn´t really a bio yet). My plan is to write a bio for Pelleas and draw some pictures of some of his most important moments.

The second part some Pelleas FEH art. I tried to draw his normal, attack, special and hurt art. As I mentioned before, I am really bad when it comes to dynamic poses. I always wanted to try this and have to admit it so much harder then I thought it would be <.<

Plans for the future: I want to finish the bio project and maybe try some animations till next year (I always wanted to try this).

With this beeing said, feel free to post your own fanart, memes and so on. (maybe I could give some advice but as I said before I am by far not an expert when it comes to art <.< )

Last but not least here is some of my old fanart (some of those are just scetches @.@):

old stuff

I just HAD to include the seasalt ice from KH I am sorry @.@
Oh and my old cyl4 stuff

super old cyl4 stuff

new art


Theres a cyl campaign thread for this


I think the mods want CYL stuff kept to this thread


Ok yeah they literally mention fanart so definitely there.

I am sorry but I will not use this thread. And no one can force me to do so.

And you cleary didn’t read my thread. I did not once said anything about voting. -.-

Actually the mods can. Not trying to be rude but this is a public forum and it has rules.


Okey I try to explain this. Drawing needs time. A LOT of time. Up to 10 hours and I don’t want anything to get burried in a flood of 3000+ posts.

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There’s also two threads specifically for posting art. Ones that a lot of people regularly check. Like I said, not trying to be rude, if anything we’re trying to help you not get in trouble with the mods.


It doesn’t. It’s just me posting art. And I actually never said anything about voting.

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The thread has CYL in the name dude. Don’t act like this isn’t related to voting.

But this is my own art. I don’t want it to get burried there. It’s totally fine to post your fanart on reddit on an own thread so why do I have to explain myself here?

I honestly don’t care about it but I can change the name. I mean about voting. It just brings salt.

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Sorry, I think this is mostly a misunderstanding because of the title :catroll: I won’t make you change it, but maybe it would be a good idea, just to make sure there won’t be trouble with the mods.


Better? It’s connected in the way that I post on some days of CYL but thats all.

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It’s not about the art, it’s about the title. Which implies it’s a form of CYL campaigning which is something mods have asked to contain to that thread. If you want to change the title that’s fine with me, I don’t really care either way. I was just trying to inform you in case the mods decided to do something to this thread.


Is this fine now? I just had a bad day so I might was a little sensetive >.>




Yes, I think it’s just fine! Sorry, I think I might be a bit overly sensitive today, too. :catcry: Barely got any sleep tonight, but either way, that’s on me. I’m really sorry.

Either way, your Pelleas art looks great and I hope he’ll get in the game soon. :catlove:


Thank you. :3 I don’t need him in soon (to distracted with genshin and other games like nier who will soon release) but I wanted to draw more backgrounds + practise perspectives. I love it when unknown characters get some love (cipher is amazing for this)