Just starting out this game

I was able to obtain Luna and Vildred today on my 1st day of playing this game without the need of rerolling. I was able to obtain Luna in her pool on the 7th summon and Vildred in the selection summon. Im currently on story 2-4 with Mercedes and Mistychain as the other 2 party members and have been progressing so far with the occasional reruns in story chapters to farm starting gear/lv. and started the 1st labyrinth

What i want to know is:
Should i try to get better characters to replace some units in the current team? I have Luna as a main in mind and have seen youtube vids saying shes good for alot of content, just need other units to go with her and dont know who i should lookout for in general.

My goal is to stay f2p but do have experience on how gachas play out thanks to FEH and DL, both of which i still play daily and decided to add this game to the list since ive been interested for months but was lasy on downloading this till recently.

Hei ya… congrats on finally downloading the game and play it! :grinning:
Moving on to your questions, i think you should just keep it. Luna and Vildred can basically clear a lot of content, but there are a lot of things (homework) to do when you just start playing.

I’m basically not a fan of rerolling as you will be wasting your time rerolling and not actually play the game.
If you got time, try to get serila as well.

Staying f2p is fine and do-able in this game, but you will most likely be overwhelmed with lots of characters. I have been playing since launch and have been f2p since 6 months ago.

Great units to look out:

  1. Tamarinne (all content offensive soulweaver)
  2. Angelica (all content too, but her popularity has been somewhat reduced since Tama)
  3. Bellona and Luluca (AoE Defense Breaker)
  4. Cermia, Vivian
  5. Spec change Montmorancy, Kluri and Lorina (in this order)

Hope this helps.

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