Just waiting on that update astram,who else?

I’ve been saving my grails after +10 neasala months ago and have been waiting on the next powerful free unit that I’m willing to spend grails on.The builds a w.i.p and I try to build all my sword units differently(all my +10 sword infantry have different builds)so this is going to be interesting.


I’m just gonna promote one copy. He’s certainly an interesting unit.


The wait is too long aaaaaaaah


Can’t wait to pickup my copy of Wrath so I can finish up Y!Tiki and maybe OG!Lyn?

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I might try building him, his stats are great as far as I can see.
I don’t need wrath fodder for anyone currently, so I guess that’s another reason.

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Even tho it’s a great skill, my Astram won’t be using Wrath. It just doesn’t work too well with Mercurius.

Bonus Doubler might work with him. (And there’s no Drive Doubler skill… (Kaden’s prf effect))

B skill might be Renewal.


This is true :/ Why do they put free Wrath on a unit that can’t use it well?
I def want to build him up, and now I really want to make a team of edgelords/OP swordies consisting of Astram, Rutger, Navarre, and Lon’qu, though I’ll trade out Astram for Líf for full edgelords :birbpeek:
Tho Navarre would be another grail project :catdespair:

sitting silently waiting for the Wrath fodder i can use without sacrificing Owain

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Waiting for him so that I can start grinding for levels

On one hand, I want to use him cause Mercurius is kinda busted and I like him
But on the other, I have too many swords and he has Wrath

What to do…:thinking: