Just wanted to show this neat Hinata build I thought of

I couldn’t do this build because I don’t have the skills but I really liked it so I wanted to show it

It would be cool if someone else could do this and use my idea

and here's the less good build I actually did


Distant foil… I want that.
Here is my Hinata. Distant foil and a better C skills is all I want.

And this is my speednata


By god sword Hinata is stacked someone has been eating their Cheerios


I’d change the A skill to something like Atk/Spd Solo 3/4. Push skills are pretty meh in most cases.


I like that second build, you could add in spd/def bond as seal.

But then he couldn’t stand next to allies

The reason I chose Mystic Boost was to counteract the recoil from the push skill, so because of the healing and his high def/hp he basically gets a permanent +7 atk/spd

Well, I gotta give ya credit for having the moxie to Speed meme him (although people Speed meme Arden for crying out loud so I shouldn’t be surprised).

I’m just running cheap stuff on mine. I’d love to have Distant Foil for him.

Anyone else agree that G!Hinata lookin’ hella fresh?

Except in many cases you wouldn’t want units standing next to each other because of things like Panic and other debuffs that takes place when units are next to each other.

But I guess.