Just when I thought things couldn't get dumber

I was doing a Remote Zapdos raid, and I already have low expectations… I started seeing people using Steelix. Okay, it was probably recommended, it’s stupid, it’s dumb, but I get it. Casual players who don’t look up guides or know any better are just using what the game tells them, and they don’t question it. I can let it pass, even if it puts me slightly on edge worrying about the timer.

Then I saw it.


Used a Gyarados vs Zapdos.

I don’t even know what to say. That couldn’t have been recommended. Everyone was 30+. I honestly am at a loss for words.

Edit: We won the raid btw.

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Guess that is one way of „living on the edge“. Or they thought it was an Inverse Battle :man_shrugging:

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I’ve occasionally raided with people who will assemble their own custom battle team with the sole criteria being “if it has high CP or is legendary, it has to be good!” This has resulted in some pretty hilarious picks, like Rayquaza and Solar Beam Groudon against Articuno. :man_facepalming:

And since Go is a pretty simplistic game, poor choices in a raid lineup often won’t come back to haunt people outside of a shortman group because, as you also noted in your post, the raid gets won anyways. Either due to there being a ton of people in the lobby or a handful of people are using top-tier counters.

That gyarados probably is the highest Pokémon that that player had at the time of the raid… and the game does choose odd Pokémon… Slaking getting choosen to do the grunt Battles I have seen it happen more then once to more then one player (I’m the lucky one because I never invested that much into Slaking … so I just get other Pokemon that I don’t want like try defeating Dark Grunts with Mewtwo with Psystrike :woozy_face: or something like that :wink: Happy you could win the raid :+1:


I kind of wonder if you got a full raid group together (20 peeps or whatever) and everyone used all gyarados teams vs zapdos If you could still win.

I mean a lot of times in those 20 person raids (doesn’t happen much these days) I’d just throw a bunch of stupid stuff in there knowing full well what I was doing to save a few revives and hopefully give someone a laugh. A win is a win!


:sweat_smile: I do try to put meta relevant Pokémons in to the raids but I admit on one occasion I did put my Swoobat into a legendary raid. I just wanted that darn little heart to get my best friend buddy status! See he is at level 15 too! :rofl: :joy:


The Gyrados was a mistake. We all make mistakes. Because it was a mistake…Right?..please…?

How many people were there, actually?

Also Gyarados isn’t as bad as someone using Mega Beedrill or Pidgeot. I swear.

At least you can do some damage and dodge with Gyarados, and there’s a fat chance the guy would be using Drill Peck which means less threat. Beedrill or Pidgeot can’t even dish out.

Mega Beedrill is quite good vs zapdos. Faints fast of course (depending on zapdos moveset VEry fast), but does decent damage with poison moves.
Much better than gyarados

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Might be a dumb challenge, who knows. My dumb challenge is training vs Spark in Master League with an all-flying GL team (including Shadow Zapdos) because it’s more fun than wiping it with Lucario.

If there’s enough people in the raid, why not? Go on, use Ditto! You know you want to! :joy:

You know what would be even dumber than using Gyarados against Zapdos?

Using a shiny Magikarp against Zapdos.

(With all due respect to shiny Magikarp which is my all-time favourite Pokemon.)

Poison Jab/Drill Run/X Scissor isn’t going to put any steely resistance against that, neither does Infestation/X Scissor/Sludge Bomb.

Unless Poison Jab/Sludge Bomb, but I don’t have a Beedrill with those moves.

Yep, exactly poison jab and sludge bomb is the way to go. I mean, getting TMs is not so difficult, with only two wins in the GL, not? Even with lag…

The fun thing is back in GBL I do get 4-1s reliably in THIS season. It’s usually enough for me to get to the Pokemon body and lag seldomly affects me for real.

I would argue that at least the megas will provide a temporary (VERY temporary) damage boost to the rest of the group. Gyarados, on the other hand, just dies really fast against 3/5 of Zapdos’ movesets, and that’s about it.

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I’ve seen a stunfisk in a zapdos raid before

… wut.

'cause its dummy thiiiiccccc


Well, Unovian Stunfisk at least has a fat resistance to Electric and can hit Zapdos for neutral damage :man_shrugging: