K Scope

I have been play the game for way to long and I have finally gotten my 5th K Scope. Is it better to MLB it right now (and make it a super scope) or should wait until I get another one before I MLB?

Does it help a double castoria? (I was able to DSS with a normal k scope).

Need that advice…


That’s a definitely divided opinion. I took the immediate mlb route and never regretted things, but others are firm in the wait until 6th camp. Castoria and mana loading do reduce the urgency for superscope unless you need the extra stats unlocked by mlb.

For reference, I don’t have native skadi so couldn’t quick loop very easily with regular scope. Also superscope allowed for a plethora of back to back np options that weren’t possible with regular scope (mordred with just waver, Nitocris, paracelsus, any 30% servant with waver and merlin, etc). CQ blitz strats has more options for Holmes or lvl1 chen gong insta nps, for example, without spending batteries on supports… But again, ML reduces the need for that.

Had I just gotten my 5th kscope today, I might still mlb right away. While mana loading makes superscope less necessary, it also makes mlb IE more viable to pitch in as pseudo kscope just by unlocking it. Also, the stats boost is noticeable, and sometimes every stat you can squeeze in makes a difference


honestly it depends on your units since arguably 5 regular scopes and 1 mlb is equally useful

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I think until you have at least one more you shoulf keep them separate. I often use 2 and sometimes 3 for farming, and that extra 20% isnt always needed, especially with appends being a thing now


I’d ask yourself the question of how many times you end up using multiple kscopes at a time. If you rarely use more than 1 kscope at a time, I’d personally MLB it given that it’s more flexible. That and there’s no shortage of good 50% charge CEs which can outperform kscope by virtue of having more attack due to being MLB’d on top of the other effects they provide.

Admittedly I only have 1 kscope myself, but if I had 5 I’d personally MLB it right away.


I have 2 superscopes and don’t even use 1 for farming. I may one day have to use 1 for Arts pre-Oberon for 1/1/x Berserkers.

For 2nd NPs, like say Sherlock in a CQ or a debuff NP like CARmilla, I’ve been doing fine with Dragon’s Meridian+ML or MLB IE.

If your lineup needs multi DPS the question is who is your support? If only Waver, yes 80% on your 2nd DPS or support NP is needed. If you are using at least 1 Castoria her AoE charge will fill up a MLB Imaginary Element.

But keep in mind that mana loading at lv1 makes MLB IE fillable with just 1 Waver, and at lv5 you only need 10% charge (e.g. from Chen Gong).

I’m personally in the 1 MLB camp for the big stat stick and freedom to insta NP without ML/support, but you know who you use and how you like/intend to ay better than anyone else.


I MLB’d immediately and never regretted it.

However, in the current climate it’s not as valuable as it once was. With the exception of the most recent CQ (where I put one on a support), I haven’t used it in months. Castoria, appends and bond farming have really devalued it, at least in my Chaldea.

Still, I like the stats a superscope brings, I’d just MLB now.


If you are unsure, why not just set some CE bombs aside and wait until you are in a situation where you need the instant NP or improved stat? I immediately mlbed mine, but it was because I needed the extra stats and the freedom to use arctic to farm

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As others have said, if you do the daily farm for maximum AP efficiency, you won’t even touch your own scopes.

If it’s for an event, you will ideally want none, or one at most if the Servant really needs it and you don’t have an event or bond CE you’d rather give them.

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I like having multiple K-Scopes but even a borrowed Castoria dramatically reduces the need for using them.

I think in the current state of NA you’re better off turning it into a fully raised Superscope.

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This depends on three things:

  1. Your playstyle

  2. Your servants and their batteries

  3. How many farmers do you need.

1: If your playstyle consists of needing/wanting to use multiple servants that require 80% starting charge to use their np right of the bat, then you’re going to want to keep them separate. If your style consists of one singular super strong looper, then fuse them.

2: For example. If you have say an Arash as your W1 clearer, then a mlb imaginary element is fine, BUT, if you dont bother to level up his np battery due to whatever reason, then on level 1 for his battery, a k-scope is needed. If your servant does not have a 30% battery, then a k-scope is required if they have a 20% battery.

3: This one is tricky. If you use plugsuit, and you use multiple servants as farmers, then you’re going to want to keep them separate. For example, if you were to use, Arash, Mordred, and a strong support farmer with access to a mlb k-scope or already fully charged np, then you would need separate k-scopes, unless you have two mlb imaginary elements.

Another example. Take my current setup for general farming which is Arash with a 50% charger and an additional 20%. The extra 20% charger is due to my support Arjuna Alter already possessing a 30% battery along a mlb k-scope for the first np. Then I use the 50% charger, AA’s own battery, and the extra 20% charger for the third np.


MLB is never a bad option. Just keep in mind you can work around the 80% batery with append skills now if you have a hard time deciding if you should MLB.

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Just mlb it , the only time i use more than 1 kscope is CQ and it only happen once or twice , mlb imaginary or any 50% ce already enough to replace kscope