Kadabra swap

Hi guys first post here so apologies if it’s not in the right place but I need to trade my Kadabra in order to get Alacazam. Is that something anyone on here can help me with? Thanks so much.

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Trading has to be done within close proximity of one another. While I appreciate ya joining the community you’re going to have much better luck trying to find a town/city like community webpage for your area and searching for people there.

You’ve provided no other information other than what you want. No location(I would not provide this on a random forum site) nor anything else that would be of value to the trade.

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Oh sorry! Feel free to delete

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All good, fam. I would really recommend trying to find a community for the place you live at though. POGO is still pretty popular so as long as ya don’t live in the middle of no where so I imagine there’s some sort of gaming community in your area.

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