Kal'tsit Starter Giveaway

I tryed to create a new account, just to roll a bit.

Angelina + Kal’tsit + Meteorite + Manticore : not bad for a starter account.

If you want it, feel free to ask. The only requisite i ask is that the user must be active by quite some time in the gamepress forums. And with active i mean that he/she partecipates in discussions, not simply registered.


Why must you pain me this way.

Seems cool, but I would have no use for it.

Thanks tho.



The banner has not ended yet, you’ll never know. She might come during a single pull, it’s all in the hands of the Gatcha.

Sometimes it’s merciful, sometimes it’s cruel. All i can do is wish you luck in rolling her.


Indeed :ak_nianunimpressed: All up to the gatcha

Idk if you know but if this is a starter account that hasn’t done any stages yet then it’ll take some time to E2 her because of the material she uses