Kama or Assassin Li for the long term?

I’m undecided on who I should save for. I was originally going to go for Kama but with Castoria coming in 2 years to NA I was wondering if Li would be a better choice long term.

The answer is berserker Vlad. Or Sitonai.


For farming, Kama is useful even in Castoria era. She was the secondary damage dealer on rotation 1 Scathach fest. With the introduction of “new” farming layout (1/2/1, 3/1/2, etc) it’s no longer Buster/Arts/Quick-specific team. You mix ST Buster/Quick with AoE Arts, etc.

Example for rotation 1 Scathach Fest:
Space Ishtar, Kama, 2 Castoria - https://twitter.com/Aloha258_master/status/1306914335243997184
Arash, Artoria, Kama, Merlin, Castoria - https://twitter.com/FFF_th_L/status/1306917808068898816


Kama is a great servant even without Skadi, Li is not so good and Castoria don’t help him a lot for his 1 hit NP, so i say Kama

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The one you like the most.

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I feel like a lot of people are too hung up on Castoria. She’s TWO YEARS away - what are you going to do in the meanwhile, not play the game? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Either way, my vote goes to Kama (very much also planning to roll for her)!



I agree that players shouldn’t make every decision with Castoria in mind, but her future arrival does deserve a nod depending on the situation.

Anyone who lacks strong options currently shouldn’t sleep on Kama’s banner unless they just don’t want her; those who already have competitive options can afford to be picky and hold out for Castoria ST teams unless rolling only for love.


Kama all the way. Literally the best ST assassin in JP rn


I mean, we have dudes that had the Lancelots and Dantes for more then one year because of Skadi and some of those totally failed and some quit for that.
Making desitions think super on the future isn’t healthy


It’s prudent to consider future changes.

If those players predicated their desire to play the game solely on getting Skadi and quit when they weren’t able to pull their own, that’s another issue.

Besides, lack of native Castoria isn’t quite as big of a challenge to most Arts Servants as lack of native Skadi is to the big Quick Servants.


And that is a HUGE relief for someone who missed skadi, but already has tama and bride and waver who will make single castoria looping easy if not broken. I won’t have to stress her banner (still try for sure) like I did skadi’s.

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I think I’m going to roll for Kama after all. Li isn’t limited anyway so he’s might spook me.

I don’t think Li will be able to spook you since he is story locked (unless you roll the story banner of course).

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Kama always tempts me in my planning, but I’m going to try to ignore her since I need to budget my SQ better if I’m going to try to whale less next year and stay focused on my top targets.

Basically I want to put out for any Servant with a 50%+ battery, but I will do my best to exercise restraint.


Nah not weird at all Just like Multiple health bars were introduced because of merlin and buster.
They had to introduce enemy roster like 1-2-1 or 1-1-2 for DSS not to have enough np refund.

Kama is great, Li is ugly and I cannot stand the way the writer keeps fawning over him.

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I generally have a theme going for my support screen. I am not sure if its obvious :wink:

And Kama fits just right in while Li does not.
So, the choice is obvious.

Okay, but who are the competitive options? Just considering the links in Navi’s post, there is literally no other assassin that could take her place, because no one else has her battery. There are a lot of Assassins with 30% batteries (or some more awkward number, like Carmilla’s), but she is the only ST assassin with a 50% battery.

But even if we don’t count that and only look at her from a general usage perspective, who are her competitors?
Jack? They have identical stats, but Jack’s kit is fairly vanilla compared to Kama’s, and if not against females, Kama will out-damage her courtesy of double-dipping on her ATK buff the Quick buff on her NP overcharge.
Gramps? Totally different playstyles.
Wu? They are both ST quick assassins, and that’s where the similarities end.
Carmilla? At identical NP levels, she is just worse Jack (though she does have a small battery, which gives her a tiny edge in some cases), and not really comparable to Kama.
Shiki? She also has a battery, and she is going to out-damage her after her NP upgrade next spring, but that doesn’t say much considering she should easily out-damage everyone save for double-Buster buffed Gramps at that point, and the rest of their kit is very different.

In short, the only one I can see providing any competition to Kama is Jack, and only in a face-carding scenario, but you really don’t want her for that, but that juicy 50% battery on her, something no other ST assassin in the game can provide.

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