Kanto compensation

Well, I now feel like my ticket for the Kanto event was well worth it, what a list of extras you get -I buy every ECTM so that’s balanced the scales already for me. Cheers niantic for screwing up badly, if you put every mistake right like this, I’d be happy is you never changed.

For those who loved the event anyway, this is a triple win I suppose.

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The Mew candy would be great if I hadn’t already put enough RC into Mew to do everything I need to with it :upside_down_face:

The elite TMs are great though! Might finally make a legacy Seaking

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Don’t forget you’ll get your shiny mew at the end of the “wait one month” research.

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You can certainly find people complaining about this because there’s no additional spawns. I said it before I’m sick of kanto crap anyway. I got a ton of shinies and never really experienced any server issues etc. If other folks did I could see them being upset.

Lotta value here. I see no issue.

I’ve seen some of the complaints about no kanto spawns and I don’t get it - when the problem wasn’t that there were no kanto spawns for the event, why have more now? If, by now, you haven’t got your kanto dex done and you actually “need” kanto mons, you’re not exactly a keen player I’d say.

I saw a few people moaning about the game not loading, but it seems to be a small minority and could even be down to crappy signal, phone glitch etc. I’ll take the ECTM and other stuff over maybe getting a shiny kabutops any day.

Same here but I did not get the green kabutops. I get why people don’t like the FREE two ETMs. Not sure what do with them though. I have 6 elites…

I long ago gave up thinking I can get everything. I’m currently sat on 3 (soon to be 4)EFTM and 9 (soon to be 10) ECTM’s. I’m not worried though as I have multiple maxed shiny legendaries that will burn through them rapidly once their signature moves come out. I have 3 shiny Kyogre so there’s 3 getting Origin Pulse, 2 Groudon, so 2 more for Precipice Blades and so on, they’ll disappear fast when the various moves are released. This is, of course, me with my PvE only play, for PvP I imagine you could use 10 ECTM’s twice over and still want more.

Eh, you’d think so but not really. With all the old CD moves coming back around I’ve been kind of thinking that my ETM stockpile is gonna just kinda sit around for the time being. Especially the fast TMs which after youve built Lapras and Dewgong are pretty meh…

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I used an ECTM today on Shiny Lickitung to get BS, that’s not coming back any time soon. Also did it so I could run that, Shiny Swamp & Shiny Altaria in GL :sweat_smile:

Yeah but I’ve already got enough candy for it! Only needs 2-3 power ups and the second move for GL and I’ve sorted that already

I didnt buy ticket, but if i did, i would also complain. Why? - you ask. Because of potential XLs for dragonite, starters ETC. Rewards are fine, but i would still complain.

The problem wasn’t that people couldn’t access the kanto spawns on the day, it was that some people who didn’t pay could access the questline.

So nobody lost out on the candy, this is because niantic want to give the people who paid something extra for their money, which when you consider the shop cost of what we get, is very generous indeed.

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I’m not sure how a few common trinkets is adequate compensation for something we paid for when we didn’t have to.

The compensation is just a half-arsed pvp mew pack, with an elite charged tm missing

I like the compensation because the questline sucks, catch pokemon for 30 straight days…I’d groan about 14 days and still buy it. However, if I knew it was 30 days, plus catch 30 dragon types…I have 8 so far. Well, I wouldn’t do it…it is like buying a ticket to go to work;) If I buy a ticket I want them to “give” me something


I think it’s a balance because not everyone got the erroneous free quest, so to guarantee it you had to buy the ticket.

Edit: from briefly reading up Australia/NZ players look like they might have slipped through, after that it seems to have been caught and blocked.

Bar them making up an entire new event for us all I’m not sure what more you want? ETMs are the most expensive, rarest items in the game.

It’s like going to a gig, a few people sneaking in and then everyone who bought a ticket demanding the band come back next month to play another one with tighter security.

When you think that the two ETMs would cost you 2560 coins, more than the event ticket, if you bought them on community day (or three months of PvP grind) you’ve effectively got the event and quest for free.

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““I’m not sure how a few common trinkets is adequate compensation for something we paid for when we didn’t have to.””

Personally I am glad you and others got some compensation. However, I think you might be over thinking this or being a bit harsh. I don’t imagine too many trainers got to play this event for free … its not like Niantic is playing the paying customers for fools, rather a few lucky jerks found a way to play for free. It never even occurred to me that for a pay for play event I should even try to login in and play this event for free. I hope Niantic learned their lesson to pay more attention to the player verfification / player payment screens. They should have better systems for this as they have had pay for play events for several years now.

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Not at all.

The event was fun, the research is interesting and the rewards are exclusively for paying customers… except that it wasn’t exclusive, and we didn’t need to pay.

We didn’t pay for boosted shiny rates, as this wasn’t mentioned once and I am personally glad they weren’t boosted otherwise every Kanto shiny would have no trade value just like CD pokemon.

However, this non-event event is not adequate compensation for the “exclusivity” that we paid for and didn’t receive. I don’t feel that having a rerun or partial rerun of the event would be a good idea either, as the 12 hour event was fun but the week long event after was just dragging it out too long.

What they should be offering instead are free tickets to the next “exclusive event” valued at the same price for those who purchased tickets for the Kanto event. That, in my opinion, is adequate compensation… not a few common items

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I know we differ but seeing as only a few people got “in” for free, I’m happy with it. If the entire community got in, I’d agree with you. In the same way that they reran some of GoFest because the sessions “crashed”.

But hey, neither of us can change it, so I suppose all we can do is have slightly less trust in niantic and weigh the future costs against the past experience.

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More free stuff?