Kanto Dex - which Pokemon did you max out (lvl. 40+)?

Always wondered how other Trainers do it.
While Machamp, Dragonite and Mewtu probably will make the race maybe other Trainers have a heart for Fan favorits?! Or could even an old meta pokemon like Golem or Vaporeon be in the mix?

And with maxed out I mean it counts from the last stage that doesnt cost XL-Candy. (non-Kanto evolutions like Scizor, Electivire and co are not included).

I’ll try to keep this post updated from time to time. It would help me out when you add your score to the previous post tho. That the list doesnt get unnessesarily long I think it is enough to mention the Top 20.

Scoring: 1 specimen =1 point, 2 or more =2points, whole Team (6) = 3 points

I hope it’s clear and that many of you guys will share your results.
Ok, here we go:

  1. Mewtu 2points
  2. Dragonite 2
  3. Machamp 2
  4. Venusaur 2
  5. Moltres 2
  6. Zapdos 2
  7. Gyarados 2
  8. Gengar 2
  9. Charizard 1
  10. Exeggutor 1
  11. Articuno 1
  12. Vaporeon 1
  13. Jolteon 1
  14. Pinsir 1

Mewtu 2
Dragonite 2
Machamp 3
Sh moltres 1
Vaporeon 1
Charizard 2
Gyrados 2

Alolan sandslash (if that counts)

All of them one only besides gyarados (2). I usually don’t max out more than one.

It is also my top maxed region. Nearly on par is sinnoh, with one less.

Mewtwo 2
dragonite 2
vaporeon 3 (they used to be the best cheap gym defender)
gengar 2
snorlax 2

wow I thought I had more…

Mewtwo (2) one shadow
Dragonite 1
Machamp 2 (one shadow)
Valporeon 2
Gyarados 2

They are all in use except for vaporeon and gyarados who mostly got replaced by better water attackers.

I counted 32 total…most repeats were Mewtwo, Dragonite, Machamp=were 14 of the 32

Kanto was the generation I grew up with as a kid, so I’m terribly biased towards it and maxed out quite a few different species to 40. Some because they’re useful, others for nostalgic reasons, others just because I think they’re cool.

Aerodactyl 1
Alakazam 1
Articuno 1
Beedrill 1
Blastoise 1
Chansey 2
Charizard 2
Clefable 1
Ditto 1
Dragonite 2
Exeggutor 2
Flareon 1
Gengar 2
Golem 1
Gyarados 2
Jolteon 1
Jynx 1
Lapras 1
Machamp 3
Mewtwo 2
Muk 1
Moltres 2
Nidoking 1
Rhydon 1
Snorlax 2
Vaporeon 2
Venusaur 1
Zapdos 1


No wigglytuff? ;(
Ditto and jynx, yea :D

Venusaur (one)
Machamp (five normal plus one shadow)
Gengar (two)
Chansey (one, not including subsequently evolved)
Gyarados (two normal plus one shadow)
Dragonite (one)
Moltres (one)
Mewtwo (one)

Although I prefer the first two generations, I never maxed a Vaporeon, Golem or other early top species, because stardust drought was severe back then.

For Johto, I have maxed five Tyranitars, two Blisseys, a Raikou and a shadow Houndoom. Gen 4 evolutions of Kanto/Johto species are very well represented in my maxed collection.

11 points.

1 Machamp x 4 (3 Perfects, 1 98% Purified) (2)
2 Charizard (1)
3 Mewtwo x2 (2)
4 Gengar x2 (2)
5 Snorlax x1 (1)
6 Beedrill x1 (1)