Kanto Tour - Mixed Feelings

It’s just that really, I’m really ambivalent about it but I’ll qualify that below. But first I’ll set my benchmark - I’m naturally niantic-skeptic but I thought GoFest was brilliant, yes it had glitches but for an unprecedented global scale event put together at fairly short notice I think it was a great success.

When I first saw the Kanto Tour event announcement I half laughed at it, seemed ridiculous for basically boosted spawns for missing shinies, especially as it was around the same time as the borderline criminal Mr Rime event. But as it became clear UK lockdown would be happening post-Christmas into spring and as I usually buy the CD mini tickets anyway, I caved and bought it.

Looking now, I appreciate nothing is clear about it and if the bar is lowered as it was at GoFest all will be well. The skeptic in me can see potential bottlenecks, annoyance and lost quests/gameplay. As I understand it, if you complete the main quest (catch 150 kanto) in time, which appears to be dependent on someone you know within 40k having your missing pokemon, you get a second questline.

The skeptic in me says:

  1. Ditto- that’s a right bastard to find
  2. What if I can’t trade locally for what I miss?
  3. What if I just don’t find everything
  4. Niantic will somehow make a mess of it

The GoFest based optimist in me says:

  1. I bet ditto is a mid-quest reward/is incredibly boosted
  2. Loads of my friends will play
  3. You probably get all week
  4. GoFest was fine/made up later

I’m genuinely looking for reasons to look forward to this day not to bash niantic (we all know they’re a bunch of half-arsed, money grabbers - it’s been said enough) but without simply being blindly optimistic.

Anyone else looking forward to it or having buyer’s remorse?

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Quietly optimistic.
Like you, I justified it by including the additional task sets in my thinking about it.

The Mr. Mime event was a step too far, but the larger events have been relatively good so far - so here’s hoping.

We have a household full of players - some more casual than others - so I should have the trading partners needed.
I just hope Niantic realise many players will be restricted in movement, and so balls will be an issue when expecting so many catches.

Happy hunting…

I’ve already purchased, but I hope they have some surprises that make the event worthwhile. It would be great to have access early access to a mega, like pinsir since it’s a counter to mewtwo. Not sure how useful it would be but access to mega kangaskhan would be cool also. Access to the shadow legendaries one last time.

If no surprises are included I will not be disappointed because my expectations are low and I’m just going hope for the best. It will determine if I’m willing to purchase future events going forward outside of go fest even though I have missed out on go fest every year, because for some reason I took a break from the game around that time every year.

I also have a feeling we will receive in game items that such as raid passes, incubators, incenses, and etc that will help justify the price for event to catch shiny’ s we don’t have.

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I’m feeling more positive about it today - my logic being along the same lines as yours. GoFest had some good surprises and I can’t see the only bonus from it being the chance to get shiny mew early IF you manage to complete the main quest.

I think you’re right, some additional kanto based rewards, either some chance at an early mega (I agree kangaskhan, or maybe Zam) or another set of 10 floor shadow M2 and birds.

I don’t believe that catching all 150 will be what unlocks the Mew Research, as this will most likely be impossible for the majority of players who can’t access Turos, Mr. Mime and Kangaskhan.

It’s more likely that there will be an event research line, and something which will depict all 150 pokemon like we’ve had for the past 3 weeks (where we had to catch 9) which will allow us to keep track of our progress.

  1. Ditto- that’s a right bastard to find

The fewer I see the better

  1. What if I can’t trade locally for what I miss?

Trade distance will be 40km

  1. What if I just don’t find everything

You’ve probably forgotten to load the game

  1. Niantic will somehow make a mess of it

If you believe it enough you won’t be disappointed if it happens :rofl:

Anyone else looking forward to it or having buyer’s remorse?

I enjoy all 1-day events. It’s those which last a week which I get bored with… even the current 5 day events are pushing it. We currently have a 3 month event running with decent spawns of both regular and 1st/2nd evo but we’re not getting to appreciate it due to the endless junk events that haven’t stopped since the beginning of December

Today I’m still feeling positive about it and I’m absolutely with you about the way the 3 month season event has basically been relegated to Mondays. I was loving that and hoping the other 3 seasons will be at a similar level before it basically became Kanto event test-run.

So yes, thank you for the entertaining answers I really did laugh at some of them. :slightly_smiling_face:

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