Kara no Kyoukai is the best event!

After playing so many events since last summer, I really appreciate this event:

  • No annoying time lock!
  • No worry about burning out: the event runs for 2 weeks.
  • No worry about apples.
  • Every free quest (even for the most efficient farming nodes) is 20 AP; compared to 40 AP in typical event! I can play every 2 hours throughout the days during rests.
  • Farming is half-done (done if not buying gems) just by completing the missions.
  • It’s also great for bond farming: Floor 6 nodes give 615 bond points for 20 AP; which is twice as efficient as the dailies.
  • Nodes are also easier than other events.

The only down side is that it’s a pain to clear with double appearance! I hope there will be more events like these.

I have some deviation from the guide to note: I didn’t do the Medusa x 17 times; 5 times is enough for me to clear 4 missions (15 Riders, 15 Divine, 100 Skeleton, 60 Vengeful spirits) and get 60 missions completed. I do Marie node (Room 703, 8 times needed) to clear 25 Riders and farm bonds at the same time!

Finally, got my lucky rare Rapunzel (my first one):


IIRC a Rapunzel always spawns in the Parking Lot if you still need them.

Yes, I intend to clear the remaining at Parking Lot. I was so dreaded at the Medusa x 17 times step to complete 60 missions to open up Parking Lot; but managed to find a way to accomplish that without doing a full 17 runs.

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This really does make such a difference. 40 AP nodes really shouldn’t be a thing… :fgo_shock:


They agreed with him because he spoke the truth.

And yeah KnK can be a slog but it’s a terribly easy, newbie-friendly event. I like it.


Just making sure here cause I’m at 97/100 mission clear unless I’m missing something.


Nah, it’s a time-lock for sure. An easy to forget one, though, since you can coast on nat AP and not reach it until it’s time to finish the rest up. Least NP5 Shiki ain’t gated behind the time-lock, just a lore and the CQ.


Ok. Thanks for verifying then. Still, the time lock for this event seems pointless.

just tagging because she has something to say about 20 ap nodes

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Well, I thought there was no time lock since the guide didn’t mention it. (See Step 40 for Mission 98 i.e. obtain [Hidden Key] by clearing Incinerator.)
I think if someone (like myself) is on natural AP, it is unlikely he/she will see the time lock.

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Could’ve done natural AP too but was scared that I wouldn’t have time for the event due to work getting busier.

Anyway, got NP5 Shiki! (Just stuck at 50 cause Fujino and Void Shiki ate all my leftover embers from the lotto.) Good luck to you.

It’s my first event, so I like it. :eyes:


Pretty lucky! As this was originally an early game event, the HP values are all pretty reasonable for a fresh account. No 400k HP Salter in the primary farming node, like Christmas.


I love KnK event too ;; I played a lot at this event but it was really funny . the BGM are nice and finally i can use shiki yey (I love her in the movies )


An important factor here is also the absolutely fantastic OST that makes for a very nice change from the usual repeated grind soundtrack we’re hearing in every other event.


i checked to see the rates on best farming places and apperently cat one gives 615 while strawberries giving 715 and hearts farming place gives 815
Ekran Alıntısı
considering first floor gives 115 higher the floor +100 bond points it seems


KnK must be my favorite event. It was the first one I managed to fully clear all by myself, and I didn’t even have max ascended servants back then in the original run, the story was good and fun to read, it has some nice Artwork for CEs and the music is just… too good.



No it’s not the best event, the strory is really bad when they could have done something good. We’re far from the quality of the C.C.C event. Futhermore, the node are really tiring since you have most of the time more than 3 ennemies per turn. The battle are way too easy. There is no challenge so it’s boring.

What’s saving this event is Shiki ( a bit because she’s doing nothing at all in the end) and obvioulsy the bgm of KnK.

great qp farm, 10/10. every event should have a qp farming node like kara no kyoukai collab event


This is a positive, not a negative. I don’t know about you, but I want my challenge to be saved for the CQ(s) or similar, not for battles I intend to repeat 10, 20, 30 times. That or event story quests and their asking for an entire 5 AP or whatever. Much as I prefer CCC overall, the slightly bloated HP values are a definite knock against it, particularly when you’re also looking at 6x enemies per node or whatever. Plus, at least here, IK is a viable strat for gold farming for the boss, on top of simply Nitocris’ing your way through a substantial amount of content even at NP1 and holding an event CE.

The story is absolutely hit-or-miss and shows its age, though.