Kara no Kyoukai missions bugged for me

I enter the game and no matter how many living corpses i kill the missions don’t register it. Without it registering you killed 10 you are not allowed to progress so i’m softlocked.

Anyone else having that problem?

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I smell maintenance and apologems

Have you unlocked it by completing the first mission?

Yes, but no matter how many living corpses i kill the number doesn’t go past 6. I even tried the other node to see if they were swapped or something but nothing happens

10 living corpses completed on my account.

I have my own problem. My male servants mission hasn’t been unlocked and I’ve been following the guide to a t

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Don’t worry, it’ll unlock once you clear all rooms on the 2nd floor and it will be already completed.

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Oh, so it’s one of those hidden progress missions. So I just continue on with gamepress’ guide as usual?

Yup, and so far not like the last mission event (Halloween I think) where hidden progress didn’t fully count. Probably because there is no hard time lock anywhere this event like there was for that one.

Not the missions, but the game really wants me to know I have an atk bonus

Hey there, I’m having the same problem and I’m super frustrated. Are you still stuck on Room 101?