Kara no Kyoukai Q&A

I figure we might just as well put all the Q&A into a single thread…

First up: how exactly do we need to follow the walkthrough? E.g., it says to run room 201 4 times, but if I get all the ghosts I need after 3, are there secondary objectives being met that mean I need to run the 4th?

There are “clear any room on X floor 10 times” quests, at least for floor one and two. I would imagine they are accounting for this.

In addition there are higher kill each enemy quests, so playing extra will help there too.

Although the spawn monsters may be hit early, the min 10 clears per floor and servant trait (male/female /chaotic, etc) can’t be rushed since you can’t spawn extra bosses.

Have you expanded the comic explanations for each step? When not kidding around, they explain why the walk through is asking for more runs than you feel you need.

Think I found an error for Step 9. Primary drop is shown as silver - skellies only drop bottles, however, hence bringing the 3-star drop CE instead of 4-star ones would be more ideal. Not important in early nodes due to low-ish drops, but still.


I think it helps to run them more in case. At one point they mention running one of the room 6 times. Where sometimes it’ll count as extra for a certain quest that’s for latter. Its said as well that it won’t hurt to have an extra point added to it. So they know there’s going to be some discrepancies.

I understand you only need about a week’s worth of natural AP to clear the missions, but what about clearing the shop?

Query: MLBing monster appearance CEs. Or any CEs, really. Ordinarily the wisdom isn’t to MLB CEs because you get more bang for your buck keeping them separate, but there are so many CEs in this event, and many of them cross over (eg sprinter and repeat magic).

Does the prevailing wisdom still hold true in this instance? The monster-appearing CEs only cap at 50%, so there’s an argument for keeping them separate; but there are so many +currency CEs and only so much space in a team. In this instance, would it be more efficient to MLB monster CEs ASAP and use a support with the same CE attached for 100% appearance rates, in order to have room for currency drops?

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Step 8 of the walkthrough says to run 202 three times, and by the end
Mission 23: Defeat [Base Model] x20
Mission 27: Defeat [Male] Servants x10 should both be cleared

For me, mission 27 isn’t even unlocked :| where did I mess up?

You didn’t. Mission 27 isn’t unlocked until later, but by that point it’ll be unlocked already completed. That’s what happened to me. It does make it hard to judge whether you’re on point, but following the guide I got that one done without having to look at it.

It autocompletes after you do the next step, don’t worry. Those kills still count. Thank goodness, it’s not like it was with Himeji Castle and its “whoops, some earlier kills don’t count, te-he-he”

Might as well ask it here, anyone knows if the missions that require Shiki to be ascended 2 times get auto completed if we already have our Shiki from the last event? (So we can save embers)

The ce’s do drop in the event. First time around I was able to mlb plus have 1-2 more for 75-100% on most monster types, but I was pretty high in the tower when that made sense.

If you always grab a mlb spawn CE from support it makes sense to mlb sooner, which guarantees 100% plus gives room for secondary monster spawn CE’s and drop CE’s. If you want to get support drop CE’s, try to get at least one ce to drop before mlb so that you can get at least 75%

I guess the question becomes whether trading off 25-50% spawn rate is better than adding +1 or +2 drop rate. A lot of the early nodes drop stacks of 2, so being able to add +2/stack is a 100% bonus, which would equal doubling the enemies (if that would result in doubling the stacks dropped). Later nodes drop more stacks of > 2, so it might be better to have more enemies than drop bonus.

Higher spawn is usually greater than drop bonus in terms of currency acquired. But if you get a ce drop, then you can mlb and get 75% in two slots and open room for drop ce

I just unlocked the shiki ascension and bond level missions. They definitely auto clear from leveling shiki from the first knk


Alright, thanks for confirming it.

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Not a question but appreciation: room 304 is good civilization :fgo_goodciv:


Heh, yep! I was pretty psyched about that, too!

Is it just me or did Rapunzel’s appeance rate improve drastically between original and rerun? I swear she never appeared for me outside of the parking lot last time, but this time I’ve already gotten her 4 time while repeatedly killing the attribute rich snekface in room 203. Haven’t even unlocked the parking lot quest yet.

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Do you think it makes sense to buy the second set of CEs from the shop so I can farm with two of my own CEs for 100% spawn and then use friends +1/+2 item drops?

Right now my own + is +3 bronze / +1 silver and gold.