Kara no Kyuokai Challenge Quest: Final Recording - Decision Guide and Run Thread

I know I’m SUUUUUPER early with this, but our amazing GamePress friends have already put up a guide to the challenge quest guide for the Garden of Sinners event, so I thought I’d put up this as well. Yeah the challenge quest won’t be made available for some time, but whatevs, I’m doing this anyway.

Welp, here’s GamePress’ guide:

I look forward to seeing what kinda of team comp ya’ll come up with. Me, I plan to try a Demiya Arts team with Tama and Waver, then try with my own Fujinon with support Fujinon.


Personally will most likely run Ishtar the support Fujino and a Merlin. Backline is up for debate atm will prob just have backup archers and maybe a waver

If I had Merlin, I’d use Ishtar, but yeah. No Merlin…

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I’ve always wanted to do a Fujino solo for that challenge if it’s possible, i do remember seeing some videos of that years ago. That all depends if the gacha will bless me with a copy of course though.

If not then i will try with my recently maxed Tomoe, anyway it looks like a really fun challenge so i will try various comps.


Prooobably something Gilgamesh Tomoe Fujino something something

I just want my Tomoe to shine.


I’m curious, would fielding Arash with MLB Bodhi + Merlin’s buster buff and charisma be viable to delete Shik’s sidekick with a ST-nuke + (a chunk of) 1st bar? Thinking of bringing Santa Attila for the occasion.

I see saber = another Archuria CQ

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Screw Avalon shut-in when William is so much more deploy-cost friendly :fgo_kiarasmile:

Went just as planned - except I forgot that Shik’s sidekick got a gatsu, so I had to waste her with the good, newly lored gentleman’s MG-salvo + Shakes’ red-up. William was told to sing in the rain first, Santa Etzel and Papa James (with a lone red thrown in by el-Melloi) carried things all the way to third bar before being told as much in a single turn - which is where she took over

I should probably keep in mind her gatsu reduces max HP rather than siphoning HP outright, so best used early. May or may not have resulted in things not being quite this close (that permanent def-down also is not nice for a solo run, to be had, nono). Regardless, CQ is done and I can now leisurely spend AP on parking lot to replenish QPecks as well as blow through the 1.2M fren points I got.


welp i brought an arts servant to a buster oriented fight.

the team:

the recording:


Well, this CQ took 4 attempts for me to compose a team. So the victorious team was this one:

I decided to kill the ghost first with quick charged NPs. 1st turn Moriarty’s NP, 2nd - order change Merlin and Moriarty than charge and fire Gilgamesh NP and 3rd turn - Arash suicide attack. After Merlin died Asagami took care of Shiki very quickly.
That was an interesting quest.


I just ran Merlin, Mash, and the support Fujino. Pretty easy CQ. As long as Shiki didn’t instant-kill anyone on her first np, I already won.

Shiki only NP once but her fate is already sealed anyway

DW: Oh, hey there dear master of cheldea. I see you accidently hit the use command seals instead of withdraw. Don’t worry little fella, i got your back. Here is another screen that will prevent you to pick the wrong choice. Now stop screaming because you were just see for yourself what kind of gimmick his CQ has to offer and take a deep breath before clicking the choice you were intended.
me: “use 3CS” anyway…
DW: You guys don’t deserve literally any kind of safe net!

Well at least we have 5 days before event ends. I didn’t even try to hit shiki’s evade. Just use an arts team. Maybe it was kind of my fault…

Bloody hell, I had to try this 5 times, use a team revive and it still came way too close.

Strangely enough the one time I did best, was when I nuked Kirie with Robin early in the fight.

I say nuked her early, but that bloody ghost still took far too long to put down, it sure as hell can take a damn beating. I kept hitting it again and again but its HP bar barely went down at all. Only Robin managed to hurt her with a near 200K NP at the beginning. Then it was death of a thousand paper cuts. Just how high is that damned thing’s defense?

The most annoying part was filling Fujino’s NP bar, but finding her with low health, then seeing Shiki focus on her before I could use it, that happened three or four times.

Honestly, I feel like trying a Nyanta semi or pure solo for this CQ. I just need to figure out how to approach it is all. I’ve got a couple ideas, some involving death fodder. Might end up figuring it out in the morning if I could somehow pull it off.

Just use a buster card on Shiki every turn

I assume Arash didn’t have overcharge, and that Waver+William+Arash’s own NP charge skill allowed you to charge Arash’s NP bar and throw his noble phantasm in the first turn?

And that was enough to completely drain the ghost’s first health bar?

Also, dear God, I barely understood half of that. Are you speaking in tongues? Do we need to call a priest?

Went at it last night before sleeping and only having glanced at the CQ guide once. I neglected Kirie and from there things went downhill.

Shiki´s first NP yeeted my Gil who already had more than 4 atk down debuffs so I thought trying to save him with “Time Alter” would be pointless. Taking out Kirie without my main DPS took some time, Fujinon wasn´t that much help. She died quickly too.

In the end, it was a Toomoe solo against Shiki´s last life bar. Gamer girl outdid herself and brought that bar to half even with all the debuffs and Shiki´s defense buff. As I said before, I was sleepy and trying to get this CQ done quickly so I used my seals. Next turn the quest was over.

Ngl it was kinda boring

Did it with Archuria as main dps (or should it be dpt?) At some point in the third break bar Fujino also made it onto the field as well and convinced everyone they were on a poorly made bridge. :fgo_rinlaugh: Might have finished it faster if I took an actual damage CE on Archuria instead of the pierce invuln. one, but the wording in the tutorial was a bit misleading regarding the buster dodge skill of Shiki.