Katarina Alt when IS?

Katarina desrves more love, I want a Katarina alt, maybe a Grandmaster tactician Katarina(like what Katarina looked in Awakening DLC)

Let’s make this happen guys.

do you guys have any unit to have an Alt?


I would totally be down with a Katarina alt.

But the one I want is Seth. Preferbly a more serious alt.

I also wouls love a Dullahan alt for Eldigan


Arvis alt please

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For real though, a Katarina alt would be amazing! Same with Athena too (please give us an Athena alt)

I agree with the Seth Alt, the one we got is kinda lackluster both in art and stats, someone like Cuboon or Penekor(mostly because he would look good in an Eldigan art style) should draw him.

but I love seth’s art ;-;

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And, yeah, an Eldigan alt would be cool.

I mean Seth’s art is good but it just does’nt capture his cool headed, knight in shining armor persona that I think that would fit perfectly for Seth.


@Makina True.

By the way, I also just want more GotHW characters to get alts. Those being Arden, like a Christmas or Halloween one, Quan, New Years maybe or summer, Sigurd, for the next valentines, Lewyn, maybe a summer alt, and Arvis, Arvis from generation 2 of GotHW.


I want Arden and Arvis to have an alt more than all the others tho. I love Arden’s character and design, and Arvis is just amazing. Need I say more?

Just imagine Arvis and Julia in next years valatines banner (since the banner is mosty themed around family) and it being focussed around Old Arvis wanting to find forgiveness


That would be sick! Maybe Deidre, before she lost her memories, with Sigurd? And a Christmas Arden?! Bruh… I’d be so happy! We need more GotHW alts! There are so many good characters from it.

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Maybe Deirdre in her wedding dress when she married either Arvis or Sigurd,
maybe Sigurd and Arvis in wedding suits.

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Any characters who don’t have any alt is good for me. Bonus point if the unit has a meh art in FEH

Personally, I would want a Linus alt, he’s one of my favourites. And a bit for fanservice too xD

Mostly Anna.

Every one of my favorites already has an alt.

… Another FCorrin alt.
Btw i’d really like an Athena Alt, or Clarisse, her art with noodle hair is quite meh imho

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Yeah I don’t like Clarisse’s art. I love Athena’s art tho, even with the cat eyes. That’s the only bad part of it

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Also, please, and I know this is a meme, but…

Wrys alt. Lmao, for real though, a Wrys alt would be funny. But I would love a Lute or Roderick alt.

I do agree that Anna should have gotten an alt at this point, even though she’s not my favourite she is one of the units that I think deserves an Alt and should have gotten one by now.

Marriage Officiant Wrys alt.

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