Kayron's review in Site

I have to quite disagree on what gear should be equipped with Kayron. Though I completely understand that the E7 guide is new to GamePress, new players might get this hero and regret building him incorrectly (considering gold is scarce and gear is rng). In the website, it is stated that he should be built lifesteal / crit with atk% as main. With that said, there is no room to fully utilize his kit:

  • Very lacking in defense and health. When not given a turn, he would not be able to heal as planned. Additionally, a team with a lifesteal kit and Kayron as main dmg dealer would most likely not have a heal-dedicated soul weaver and would instead focus on a buffer.

  • Very poor versatility in team compositions. Though its true that his aoe attack and single target burst potential is amazing, he really does not excel at any other role, making him an automatic selfish dmg dealer.

  • Hard to utilize his kit. Unlike Krau, who has taunt, very high hp and def, def up, barrier on demand (skill activation), and has ult proportional to health lost, making it easy to bait bosses and pvp units to attack him then die on the next turn, Kayron offers no taunt, no def up, and no way to escape fate after immortality has expired. Krau hits like a truck even with his poor atk, and Kayron hits in between a concrete and a paper towel.

With the right team composition, Kayron would truly shine. Example for beginners: Silk + Kayron + Elson + A healer soul weaver. Run Kayron crit dmg plus crit with crit% / crit dmg%, atk%, atk%. Silk (speed crit) giving him more turns + secondary dmg dealer + Sashe Ithanes for team pushing. Elson (speed hp) giving atk and def up, boosting both dmg and survival + assistance to main healer + either Ranon’s Memo for maximization of ult or Atma’s Portal for skill cooldown reduction to all. A healer soul weaver, most preferably with debuff cleanse to avoid stuns, def breaks, DoTs. I currently use Achates so Immortal Will plus emergency Invincibility in case buff is removed.

The Kayron I mentioned above is more of a basic attack maximization that ignores his special niche. That way, when time comes that he activates Immortal Will, he’ll become a monster that swallows the battlefield. This is only my suggestion and may or may not be taken, however, I do hope that you consider it.

What are your thoughts about building Kayron?

Lifesteal/Crit can work, Atk/Crit can work, CDmg/Crit can work. They are all workable builds depending on the circumstances, but CDmg on Kayron is very restrictive.
Lifesteal is more of a PVP tanky bruiser on defense teams to utilize tower damage.
Atk/Crit can work in both PVP and PVE, but only up to a certain point. Once you reach endgame content the build falls off significantly. It’s still a great build for farming world/side story and lower ranks of PVP though. With very high Atk and two 230+ Spd CR pushers you can go for cleave, but for one-shotting Kayron needs very high Atk or a lucky Dust Devil proc.
CDmg/Crit is very inflexible and situational. While it can work well the conditions for making it work well are just not that common. In PVE endgame and high rank PVP you rarely have the luxury to have Kayron at low HP to maximize his damage. If you are at a point where this build is effective, you are usually gonna have similar or better success with the other builds. Unless you know exactly what you’re going up against and have everything tuned to the situation getting maximum damage is very rare with this build.

I have Kayron on Immunity/crit/crit. Right side -Crit.Damage/ATK/ATK.
This makes it easy for him to reach high crit chance with good Crit.C and attack.
That is what I think most people got for on turn 2 Kayron PVP. (Can farm adventure too)

The sets are not a big deal, the stats are more important. Abyss set is ok for players that do not have hunt/raid gear yet. Lifesteal is not a big deal when you have a healer(you dont leech enough unless there is aoe)