Kaze build suggestions

Hi guys I have this kaze I finish him today so I want suggestions I use this build but with his hp and def if the enemy can counter attack usually is K.O.

What suggestions do you have? I give him desperation too and yeah I can give him windsweep but that means don’t do a follow attack.

PD: I know he don’t have the flowers but i don’t have flowers for give him.


I think it looks pretty good tbh

For Kaze, I would honestly prefer NFU over the Lull since his weapon does help buff him up a ton already

Lethality is also a good choice for him but an argument can be made for an AoE special since his refine helps AoE output too

Overall, it’s a good build with the NFU in the B being my only big thing


1st of all, I agree with Tomat about NFU in B.

2nd, if you are worried about bulk best thing I can think of would be to change out his A slot for an impact, specifically whichever atk/def is (can never remember if it’s steady or sturdy)


Sturdy is Atk/Def, Steady is Spd/Def

Steady has an E like Speed, I guess


Yeah you and help me are right NFU can give offensive for do the follow up and defensive for negate the follow up of the enemy, maybe i can pair kaze with some heroe of damage reduction