Keep or fodder

So I’ve had a HS!Hinoka and two H!Kagoros in my barracks for a while now just taking up space. I never use them, so im thinking if I should fodder them. I have been wanting to build a Legault soon enough so would one if their daggers be good on him? I think Splashy Bucket would be pretty useful on him when the time for building comes.
Or should I keep them? I’m not the biggest fan of Kagoro, in fact I think she’s boring as crap and one of the worst Fates females so I’m not inclined to use her. Hinoka I’m fine with but I just see no use in her really, unless there’s a cool build for her I’m missing on.
Ikd, what should I do?

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Don’t Kill best Ninja… kill Hinoka instead!



Ok,more seriously,you have the choice between a dragon-killing weapon and one of the best B-skill to be given to L!Lucina if you happen to have her. I know great offensive oriented dagger users can make great use of her Splashy Bucket.

Legault wouldn’t be a very good choice for Splashy Bucket unless his Res is heavily invested in. He really only gets effective damage otherwise in which case Dancer Elincia has a better weapon for him.

Everyone can run Bottled Juice effectively though.

I-i didn’t say that?!


Kudos to you for having a merged F! Kana, I wish I could say I have one as well.

Splashy Bucket is great on a dagger unit with high Res, as they can use it’s disabling of Adaptive Damage against Dragons. (W! Cecilia comes to mind, totally not biased :tooobin:.) Kaze could also make good use of it, I reckon. Hinoka herself isn’t too shabby whatsoever, and shouldn’t disappoint you, should you decide to use her.

Kagero is an excellent unit combat wise, as Armored Daggers are very formidable. Her stat spread is very minmaxed, which is great for an armored unit. She’s also got amazing fodder, namely her Bottled Juice (which is great on a tank.) And Bold Fighter which is good for offensive armors.

Point is, either way is a solid decision. Choose what you feel would benefit you more.

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