Keep or kill a +Atk -Spd Líf?

I snagged him pulling for Byleth and was going to fodder him, but I hear an Attack boon is actually pretty good, but a speed bane is bad since his weapon buffs himself and gets him 37 speed. Should I kill him for DC and Time Pulse on someone or just keep him?

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Doesn’t he guarantee Follow-up attacks or something?


My biased opinion? Keep the good boi. :catroll:

Otherwise, depends. Who’s getting it?

+4 to all stats and guaranteed follow-up when within 3 spaces of an ally. 20 damage to said Ally after combat.

Well no one yet I was gonna make him a book but DC and Time Pulse are rare and so if anything I would kill him for those.


I see, I’d just keep em around in your case then. Maybe he’ll be worth using, and if not, he’ll still be ripe for the foddering.

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Honestly I think a speed bane is his second best bane after hp. With his sword he can double by having an ally in three spaces and that is easy to proc.

Depends on how much you like him.


Atk is a superboon and his weapon guarantees doubles, so Spd isn’t as relevant for him besides breaking Wary Fighter and all


Keep. Just dump speed stat Lif’s spd is just the right amount to dump and rely on guaranteed follow ups

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This is definitely in the “keep” column. +Atk is amazing, and he doesn’t necessarily need Speed because of Sökkvabekkr’s effect and his outright offensive + specially offensive playstyle hopefully blocking most enemy doubles from playing out by nuking them.

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