Keep or Purify these Shadow Larvitar

Hi everyone!

I have 2 shadow Larvitars.

1 is 12/15/15
1 is 15/14/13

I was thinking of keeping the 1st as shadow, and purifying the second to get the hundo.

Only just found my way back to PoGo so would really appreciate as much advice as possible. I don’t really need them for PVP, they’d be more for raids.

Thank you very much - and happy hunting.

Keep them both shadow,unless you really want the hundo. That’s a really good pair of finds by the way.

My reasons are these:

  1. Ttar (regular) is not the behemoth it once was. It’s still very good but there are a good few options, some easily obtained, both rock and dark (and ghosts) that outclass it.

  2. Larvitar is a common hatch from 12k eggs (1/216 chance of hundo) plus lots of dust, it’s not that unusual in events, Ttar is a common T3 raid (1/216) plus the odds of getting another shadow that purifies (1/152), you can lucky trade for them (1/64) so it’s definitely doable in time.

  3. Shadow Ttar really is a behemoth. It’s very high up the charts for rock and dark DPS.

  4. Ttar can’t be 2 things, smack down is an elite fast move, so once you get it (whether through an evolution event or ETM) it can’t be TM’d to bite and back to smack down without eating another ETM. So currently you have a potential very good shadow for one of each, by purifying you’ve a tough decision to make, both with which shadow do you have and also what is your hundo going to do?

I’ve got 2 L40 shadow Ttar - 1 of each and another L13 SD one, none as good IV as those, I don’t regret the investment at all. I’ll invest in more as soon as I either need another one or there’s another smackdown move event.

That said, if you really want a hundo Ttar, it’s by no means a wasted investment, Ttar will see you more than pull your weight in raids.

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Wow thanks for such an in depth reply!

To be honest the only real reason I was going to purify the one to get the hundo was ready for when megas will be available, as shadow pokemon can’t mega evolve but purified ones can.

Do you think it’d be worth it then? Hundo purified Mega TTar?

Thanks again


Just keep one until the mega is here and decide then . You won’t need the hundo ttar right now anyway. No matter what, keep in mind you can always purify, but not “unpurify”.
But even with the mega, a team of a 98 percent (or what else is your best normal ttar) mega plus two great shadows outperform a team of a hundo mega, one shadow and one 98 normal ttar! So even then personally, I would not purify it.
But who knows? Maybe the shadow bonus isn’t that great in one year and it’s better to purify then?

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All these replies have been great, I would just add the budget/immediacy concern. If you aren’t swimming in Stardust and Larvitar candy, then a purified option is best for the near-term since you’ll get one already lvl25 and much cheaper to power up. And as you said, will get you a hundo Mega T-tar (whenever that happens). I would argue that you don’t want to start investing heavily in a Shadow and then switch to purified since you will again have to power it up from lvl25; its just a waste of resources unless you’re keeping it in GL for PvP (which doesn’t require as much investment).

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Personally and I say this as someone who is, as @captpepperjack says, “swimming in stardust and larvitar candy” I’ve lucky traded a shiny larvitar for one Mega- Ttar and the other is a hundo that i caught somewhere special, but if it wasn’t for that, I’d be lucky trading another shiny larvitar for it. As Megas do really want to be well powered up, the lucky 96% for me is better than the non-lucky hundo, because of the saving. For me, the 10% candy saving is all but worthless, but I appreciate I’m luckier than some in my massive stockpile of resources.

For me, there’s two potential excellent shadows there and assuming you have no other teams at all, 3 each of Darkrai and Absol powered up even to L25 will do perfectly well as dark attackers. Without SD TTar falls right back in the rock charts so there’s probably a lot of better options, even if they’re only stop-gaps, Terrakion is back next month for example, assuming nothing else materialises in T1/T3 raids.

Mega Ttar won’t be out for a while I suspect, I think with it being part dark type, Halloween was the chance, the next will be an ice type at Christmas I suspect (Frosslass?) so there’s loads of time.

TL;DR what @stativision said, hold on until you need one or the other. But make sure you TM them both if/when another rocket event ever happens. At least you can evolve Pupitar for the SD Tyranitar if it comes before the next Frustration-TM event.


For this special circumstance though, i would purify a worse one - if available. Or power up another dark/rock option, there are better anyway.

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Keep the second shadow.
Full power justifies over some very rare effect on defence.