Keep yellow certificate for Chen? or spend it now!

Hello^^ As a f2p I’m currently saving my 180 yellow cert for Chen when she is available in shop. But now Angelina is in the shop, I’m so tempted to spend it on her… :sweat_smile: if i bring Ange home, I’m afraid i won’t have enough yellow cert for Chen in the future.:fearful: The way EN sever is speeding up the game, when will Chen appear in Shop? Pls advice thanks .

Can’t be 100% certain on whether or not you will have enough tickets by the time she gets to our shop, but if it is for purely game play reasons I would say take Angelia over Ch’en. Ch’en is a lovely character and I personally like her but in terms of actual game play she isn’t anything super special that can’t be replaced by something else. Angelina on the other hand is pretty much the best support right now with her third skill doing massive AoE damage and have great uptime.


Yeah I do agree that Angelina is a wiser pick over Chen and I love both of them lol such painful choice to make XD Hope I can get Chen from random headhunt then. TQ :slight_smile:

I probably wouldn’t worry too much about saving for Ch’en right now. Seeing as the CN server just recently got her, even with the sped up rate we’re probably at least 3 months away from getting her in the shop, probably more. So if you buy Angelina now you should still have enough whenever Ch’en shows up in the shop.
And like was said, overall Angelina will be more useful over Ch’en so probably best to her now and try to save up later.

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As i have both ops at m3, I find Chen more useful. I find myself using her way more than i do Angelina, but that is mostly because i don’t exactly need her slows and there are better ops to use for dps. If you need an op specifically for slows, like doing the Feater slow stall, you can just use Istina because she has the atk speed for it. BUT, we don’t know how long it will take for Chen to be in the shop. My bet is that next time Chen is in the standard banner, she will most likely NOT be in the shop. If for example u get 1 gold certificate from recruit a day without counting any summons or monthly certs u get. It would take 6 months to get 180 gold certs. I would honestly take the risk and buy Angelina, you can curse me out later if u get punished :P

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As someone who has used both extensively, Angelina feels like a genuine cheat unit, but the priority is to aim for your favorites ofc! That character you find charming or fun to use.

Now into a technical level. Ch’en is a fantastic bomb, but I think she’s not that splendid outside for nuking instantly some foes or dealing high short bursted damage to some enemies that leaked through your defenses…

But Angelina is just basically a Caster that says NO to Caster restrictions, and I find that extremely useful specially on stages that ban their usage [She was Godsent to me this Contingency Contract!]. (And even if she can’t normally attack, she has a passive that heals allies and also grants the Speed boosts, fantastic!)

Regardless of this, must be noted that Angelina sees most of her potential at Elite 2, by mastering her 3rd skill at least to level 1. Grants great AoE damage output that also slows enemies severely
Ch’en requires her Skill 2 at Mastery 3 to do what is her popular Cherry Bomb utility.

Overall, both extremely great, but i prefer Angelinas flexibility more.

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