Key openers for NA August

So the Mana prism shop just refreshed and I was able to buy the tickets and embers but for some reason the key openers did not refresh for me.

Do they also refresh once the new month rolls?

Openers are on a 60 day cycle, no?

Ahhh, thank you. This clears it up. I though they were on a monthly cycle too. My bad.

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Glad you asked, because quite frankly, I hadn’t internalized it either and this is a convenient reminder lol.

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I only remember because my greedy ass checked as soon as I bought the first round to confirm when I could get more.

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I need those keys to open up my lolis. Looks like i need another month of waiting.


Do we typically even get 1k MP within 2 months? Those keys are quite pricey

Well, this isn’t accounting for shop refreshes (and potential discounts as a result of), and a variety of other factors but yes.


Thanks! I honestly never bought the fous unless they are on discount :fgo_dshy:

Happy to help!

I buy out everything lol. It’s my monthly FGO endorphin rush. And gives me even more reason to go buck wild on the lotteries.


Yes, we do. As long as you play actively, there shouldn’t be any issues clearing MP shop on a monthly basis.
One of my biggest regrets was using the silver ember cards as EXP fodder instead of selling them. One of my biggest regrets as a noob back then.