Kiara fight advice/help/support?

I’m having some struggles with the Kiara fight, and was looking for some advice/assistance, and if anyone’s willing to let me into their friend list to make it through the fight too, that would be great too! I only started playing mid-December, so I haven’t been able to rack up many servants, or level them up too extremely.

Okay so first off, I’ve cleared out the KP shop so she’s maximally debuffed.

The servants that I’ve been using for this so far are Mash (60, 9/6/6), Hans (59 2/4/1), David 50 (2/2/1), (KingProtea (2/1), Nightingale (2/2/2). The other servants I have are Chloe (80, 2/9/2), Medea (70, 7/6), Bradamante (71, 4/2/7)

Not exactly a great assembly, I’ve been working on leveling people up, but I didn’t discover this website as a resource until the Chloe event, and I was so focused on dragging my way through the main arc to unlock the event I wasn’t able to grind things out and get everyone to the strongest levels.

Any advice on compositions that might get me through Kiara?

Mash, David, friend’s Merlin
Alternate between Merlin’s team invincible and David’s team evade to dodge her NPs, spam arts chains to charge your own NPs. Takes a lot of turns, but it works.
If you don’t have someone on your friends list with Merlin, ask on the friend list megathread. You should find someone who will let you borrow him.

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If she’s fully debuffed just solo her with QSH/Enkidu/King Hassan.

I’m pretty sure Enkidu, Qsh, and Cu (3*) can solo her. Make sure I you’re taking Atlas Academy Mystic code if you have it

If you bought everything from the shop that you can, pick a swole Melt from support and solo Kiara.

Even NP1 Melt can do it and if you struggle just pop seals for healing.

With what you have listed my suggestion would be Mash, Nightingale, support Melt. For your backrow Kingprotea, Hans, David. Focus on building gauge for the team, throw up either Mash or Nightingale’s NP before she NPs and let Melt do work. Keep Kingprotea in the back in-case Melt goes down, Hans will be you backup support and David can protect the team in an emergency.

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Thank you everyone! I was able to knock her out and finish the event <3

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Have fun finishing things up and doing the KP Quest chain if you’re feeling brave enough.