Kiara / Kama

(Hi, English is not my first language sorry if its hard to understand or grammatically false).
Lore wise who is the most powerful Beast ? With those two at their peak, Kama/Kiara seems insanely strong in compraison of the others Beasts. Goetia who is said to be the first Beast look pretty weak in comparaison. I mean in don’t understand why the Throne didn’t take Kama / Kiara with same serious than Goetia.
At he end of their event Kama/Kiara were nearly ■■■■■■ up the universe not just the Earth. Even the Forgein God Beast dosen’t seems so strong or at least he/she need more time/power to destroy Humanity than Kama/Kiara.

We don’t know yet.
But beast 7 being called beast of end seems the most powerful out of them all,Don’t forget beast 7 deleted entire earth’s texture.

Hell if we took it lorewise then Amaterasu is strongest out of them all.


Don’t forget beast 7 deleted entire earth’s texture.

Alien God did that, he’s not a Beast, since Beasts are born of humanity and cannot be of alien origin.
Beast = Evil of Humanity

Uhhh we ain’t in lostbelt 5.2 so not gonna spoils it that much.

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The Alien God is Beast 7

I think part of the issue are the goals they are trying to accomplish. I suspect that ANY Beast can wipe humanity out without too much trouble. Goetia needed to spend a lot of time harvest energy necessary to remake humanity from scratch according to his vision. In that regard what Kiara and Kama are trying to accomplish is more straight forward - they are not planning to remake humanity, simply absorb/corrupt what already exists. It is also stated that Kiara/Kama are not full power Beasts yet, which might have somehow contributed to Throne not taking them as seriously and tossing a Grand Servant at them. Also, Kama has explicitly stated that she has erected anti-Counterforce defenses (whatever those are).

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I mean, kiara and kama both are pretty op gameplay wise, but lore wise the other beast are also overpower.

Goetia is immortal and have all power. He is literally almighty. His weakness was dividing himself, else he could have done anything. Plus you defeat him only tnx to a cheat code.

Tiamat was immortal and self evolving. No immortal do not make justice to her immortality. She was immune event to any power capable of bring death. She had no concept of death at all. The only reason why she was defeated was because she fought without any wish to fight 2 different concept of death, and the only hero who had a weapon capable of hurting her. Eresh alone or kh alone would have never be able to do anything to her.
Not to mention the whole Lamù thing. A more powerful mankind strong enought to hurt enkidu, with collective mind, self evolving and way more intelligent and powerfully.
Seriously, if she had chosen to take her time, the Lamù would have eventually won without putting her at any risk.

Compared to those 3, beast 3r and 3l are strong, one being infinite within herself and the other being infinite outside herself, but alone they still can at least be killed.
Kiara was so overpower tnx to the seraph, and kama was that only in her own territory.
If they combined, they would have be on par with goetia and tiamat at a conceptual level.

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but alone they still can at least be killed.

Kiara just resummoned herself and could still use Beast’s abilities as shown in Ooku.
Beasts can’t be killed thanks to Independent Manifestation.
Goetia was the only one to die because Solomon erased his magic from the world, and even then [spoiler]he’s probably still alive in Romani’s body in Lostbelts[/spoiler].

Yes and no. You can at least “defeat them” and stop their plan . But you can’t stop tiamat or goetia without cheat code.
I suppose it’s hard to stop R/L to, but if you think about that, but no where near as needing an absolute cheat code as it was for tiamat and goetia.

I mean. We had the cheat code in both case, especially in kiara (BB is a cheat code on her self). But if you think about it, both kiara and kama where defeated by soverting the rule on the space they fortified to enhance a concept/effect. But tiamat and goetia where the incarnation of those concept (life for tiamat and knowledge of all kind for goetia)
We did not won over the temple of time. We cheated.
We required several gods help, a grand servant, a conceptual place of death, the 2 strongest hero of all time equipped to deal with divine beings , a cheat code mage just to deal with tiamat.

Kiara was defeated by a couple of sakura face and a couple of low tier servant.
Kama? Come on. She was defeated by sherazande, mara hari and yagyu.

Beside. Tiamat can very well still be alive to.


I search(even spoil myself a bit) and i play the game until 3rd Lostbelt but i didn’t find any clear conclusion. From my point of view Kama/Kiara seems to be the most powerful but maybe i miss something this i why i ask what you’re all thinking about this.

Beside. Tiamat can very well still be alive to.

She is alive. She got sealed back to the Imaginary Numbers.

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not the kind of research I’m talking about

also, not a response to you. gp just sucks and won’t clarify publicly when responding to the previous poster

Ok sorry lol :sweat_smile:.

Goetia was by far the strongest villain in FGO so far, the only way he lost was because Solomon did something he believed to be unthinkable, and in the process, stripped him of all his power. Even still, he probably still would have won if we didn’t have an entire army of heroic spirits on our side.

Kiara is kind of a weird case, because she was only able to pull off what she did inside of the Moon Cell because of BB. Really, Kiara just hijacked BB’s power, and even at her strongest point, neither one were a match for Tamamo, if she actually takes things seriously.

Really, both sides of Beast 3 relied on some really weird conceptual BS that makes their power levels difficult to gauge. I wouldn’t put either of them over Goetia or Tiamat in a straight fight, though.


Meanwhile beast 4 managed to beat a type
But beast 7 is weaker than a type so lol

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I was under the impression that Beast 4 kind of is a type, or at least in the same league as one. Obviously, we never see them mature in the FGO timeline, but I believe Primate Murder is about the best in the universe at killing humans. I know Angra Mainyu claims it’s even better at it than he is.