Kiara vs Kama

What character do you like more? And why?

I like Kiara, because she is very devoted person (look at the valentine scene, when she wants to prove that she is good), and I wonder why do people like Kama outside of gameplay.

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Her birthday wish is also delightfully gentle, to be had.

I’ll need to see and hear Kama for myself first, must have her simply to have both beastie girls grailed to 100 ^_^

They’re both awful for me, so whoever wins the coin flip.

I like Kama because her animations, especially her third ascension NP animation, are pretty sick

kama is far too relatable for me not to love


Is this based on personality? I don’t know too much about Kama other than her bieng another Sakura Face. Kiara becomes pretty nice post CCC, she still teases people but all in good fun. Though I tend to have favoritism over servants I got versus ones I failed to get.

What do you mean that she is relatable to you?

I don’t know anything about Kama. But Kiara, being a villain who wants to introduce Planet Earth into her vagina for a mass orgy, is pretty hard to beat :see_no_evil:


Ah man. Kiara is the kind of insane that I come to the Nasuverse for. And as a fellow thot, I feel a certain kinship. Ahem. But she wouldn’t come for a while, so I’m still slightly peeved at her for that.

Kama was my first roll on JP (yes, you understood that right) and I love her animations. Her NP animation at later stages is pretty sick, but…I just really love that backflip on her Quick. So cool.

Kiara, i didn’t particularly liked her in CCC but she grew on me after the Seraph event and learning about her background, her max bond CE was also a nice touch. I’ll even consider grailing her to 100 eventually.

Sakura was my first love from fate, and I particularly loved heaven’s feel story.

I don’t play JP but it is my understanding that Kama is a dark Sakura pseudo-servant so I really really want her as a part of my team when she comes out.

It is my understanding, also, that she loves everyone else but hates herself. Just as I related to The original Sakura and her social anxiety I can relate to that and it draws me to the character.

Kiara, she only loves herself and has a voracious libido. I can’t relate to her at all.

I mean -

that alone pretty much says the good beast of plaisir is in love with Master. ^_^
Bond 5-dialogue is also an interesting one…as localized by DW themselves:

Apparently more literally translated by the uploader here:

“melting in your hands”, ayyyy…:joy_cat:




I spent some time with kama in jp so my answer is both.